Mr Kyps, Poole 27th May 2011

The former Deep Purple/Trapeze star, now with super group Black Country Communion, arrived at Mr.Kyps in Poole on the second from last date of his British solo tour. Having finished recording Black Country Communion’s second album ‘2’, Glenn hit the road with his backing band. Consisting of the excellent Soren Andersen on Guitar, Anders Olinder on keyboards and celebrating his thirtieth Birthday on the night Pontus Engborg, they are collectively known on the tour as the ‘Swedish Mafia’.

Opening with Muscle and Blood, Touch My Life and Orion, Glenn lays out the template for the gig…rock- pure and simple! The Deep Purple song Sail Away follows and has most of the crowd in ecstasy. You either like Glenn Hughes’s vocal style or you don’t but there is no denying that he is a natural born showman. After a couple of bluesy numbers the show incredibly gets better, as it moves up several notches the audience are all swaying, dancing and clapping with the band on stage. His onstage banter is peppered with anecdotes of his early years and songs dedicated to old musician friends that have passed on.

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Rounding off the gig with a stupendous version of Stormbringer and the fantastic Soul Mover, Glenn and the band return to the stage for the encore, this consists of Addiction and a bring-the-house-down-around-your-ears rendition of Burn!
Great night out from the living bass legend, which was slightly spoiled by his insistence that the support band Voodoo Vegas play an acoustic set rather than their usual full blooded roll n’ roll show due to him not liking any loud noise before he plays! But…gotta keep the talent happy, right!

1. Muscle and Blood (Hughes/Thrall song)
2. Touch My Life (Trapeze cover)
3. Orion 
4. Sail Away (Deep Purple song)
5. First Step of Love (Hughes/Thrall song)
6. Medusa (Trapeze cover)
7. You Got Soul 
8. Keepin’ Time (Trapeze cover)
9. Can’t Stop The Flood 
10. You Keep on Moving (Deep Purple song)
11. Stormbringer  (Deep Purple song)
12. Soul Mover 
13. Encore:
1. Addiction 
2. Burn (Deep Purple song)

Words an Pictures by Dan O’Gara.

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