Welcome to Rock-Regeneration!

Rock-Regeneration is a website that is all about Rock music, well just music to be honest, and the various genres that surround it, anything from Folk, Punk, Metal to Blues, Ska and anything in-between. We are a team who are very passionate about music in general, between us going to hundreds of gigs a year and bringing back all the information that you, the reader, wants to hear about such as set lists, live videos, reactions, reviews, interviews and up to date news. We are all from the South of England and you can expect to find articles from all around the area, just depending on where the mood and the vibe takes us.

Ever read a music review in tabloids, or local press, and felt there was no passion in the review, or even that the reviewer attended?

We have.

Therefore, our aim is to become the heart of the vibrant live music scene providing a platform for all types of artists to show the world what they have to offer. If you are one such artist and you would like some exposure on Rock Regeneration, please feel free to get in touch and tell us about your gig or you latest release. If you are not an artist and you feel you have something to contribute please feel free to get in touch.

The Team.

Meet The Team

Chinners Chinners
I have been a fan of live music for a long as I can remember, my very 1st experience of a live concert was seeing Madness at Poole Arts Centre in 1981 after my parents bought me tickets for Christmas, I don’t think they realised just what they started when they bought them for me. My Mother was an Usherette at the Poole Arts Centre (now the Lighthouse) and a perk was that she could get me in to see virtually any band that performed there. I got to see Human League, Iron Maiden, Big Country, The Cult, Ultravox, Psychedelic Furs, The Damned, The Mission….only to name but a few. after this I was hooked and any chance I got I would go any live music event I could, Festivals, Pub gigs, Concert Halls and Rock clubs. I started writing about my passion about 10 years ago for fanzines, music magazines and websites. I have had my own personal blog from a long time as well as writing for Mr Kyps, Mudkiss, Babble and Beat, Wohoo Music and more recently the great Dorset Rock Online.

Jon Jon
I have always had a love of music, and have also known Chinners for a very long time (too long?). My first proper introduction to music was Iron Maiden, and Jean Michel Jarre. This can only lead to a broad and eclectic taste in music (those who know me also say “wrong”). My first proper concert was Zodiac Mindwarp, and was followed by a number of summers going to see Thunder, Little Angels, Pantera, Iron Maiden, The Mission and plenty of others – all local, and thanks to Poole Arts Centre, now the Lighthouse. From here my love of music has grown and broadened (Rock, metal, punk, goth, EBM,…).

Having spent ages pestering Chinners to do a web-site, and hearing about the unfortunate closure of Dorset Rock Online, we both decided to start Rock Regeneration. Along, with the rest of the Team we hope to fill the void left by Dorset Rock Online, as well as keep people up to date with live music.

Dan O.Dan O.I was born in London, moved to Spain, sang in a Spanish band, moved back to London, married a buxom barwench, had two kids, moved to Bournemouth and all through my life ROCK has been the one constant.

In Spain I got into motorcycles, rowdy bars & drinking. On balmy Spanish night in Marco’s Mini Bar, one of the old American bikers tossed me a beat up cassette and said “listen to this, it’ll change your life” and it did, the tape in question?…Led Zeppelin IV!

Rock had me and I haven’t looked back!

I started up Scoundrel Designs and now I take photos, shoot video, design logos and flyers for bands and companies here and the States.

I love writing and have written various band reviews for Bournemouth’s Listed Magazine and event reviews for the Harley Owners Group magazine ‘Hog Tales’ and more recently, for the now defunct, Dorset Rock Online.

RossMy earliest musical memory would have been watching Sham69 performing ‘If The Kids are United’ on Top Of The Pop’s in ’77, and I’ve been hooked ever since. First ‘proper’ gig The Undertones Poole Arts Centre ’81. I got into reviewing thanks to an invitation to submit a review for BHOne & have been writing ever since. After meeting Chinners at Therapy? ’09 and then Inme 2010 we discussed our love of all things musical, and our passion for the local scene. Having stayed in touch I was invited to “pick up my pen” once again! Favourite band-Therapy?, Favourite live band-Feeder, Favourite local band-Butcher Blues Foundation, Favourite band outside Bournemouth – Soma High.

George George
Hi. I’m George Fullerton. I’m from Bournemouth, the first gig I ever went to was Keane at the BIC and I play in a band called Willowen. My favourite artists include System of a Down, Enter Shikari, Slipknot, Frank Turner, Newton Faulkner, Pendulum, Keane, The Offspring and Ten Second Epic.

I have a broad taste in music, but my favourite genre is either metal or pop punk, despite being in an alternative folk/acoustic band. Although I am young, I have enjoyed writing through studying English Language and starting my own reviewing blog, so combined with my passion for music, Rock Regeneration couldn’t have come along soon enough!

VikkieI got heavily into music in my late teens, specifically rock and metal. The first CD I bought was Extreme’s “Pornograffiti” and I got my first long black skirt and pair of DM’s the week after. A couple of weeks after that, I visited legendary Bournemouth pub the “Gander on the Green” for the first time with my then boyfriend, who played the guitar. The boyfriend lasted seven months, but the love affair with all things rock related is still going strong some twenty one years later.

I have only recently started writing, having done a few interviews and reviews for local digital mag “Do More”. I absolutely love it and feel for the first time in my adult life that I may have finally discovered what I want to do. I’m currently listening to Alter Bridge, Heaven’s Basement, Max Raptor, Asking Alexandria and the Dead Daisies. I’ve just started the NCTJ Diploma in Music Journalism and fully believe that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.


Okay, this is the really boring bit, so please stick with us…

We do this web-site because we love music. Simple.

You may not agree with some of things we say, but we believe if we all liked the same music, and it didn’t fuel a passion within us, then it would be boring.

We are not affiliated to any single band, promoter, or venue. The work that we publish on here is our own words, and our own photos. We do take our own video footage where possible, and if usable we will provide links to that footage.

If we use any images that our not our own, we will do everything possible to give appropriate credit to the owner of the material. Do please correct us, we are approachable!

If there is a problem please let us know.