This young 5 piece band from Bournemouth have the claim to having three brothers all in the same band, the Jenkins Brothers Sparky, Matt & Ash recruited Josh and Steve in 2010 , where their adventures with Mothership started. Their first CD release ‘Landed and Loaded’ is a six track affair that shows a good deal of promise with lots of rock influences from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Queen.

The songs are well crafted and contain some excellent guitar work and showing maturity from such a young band whose ages range from just 15-17. The stand out track is ‘Ghost Story’ which tells a melancholy story set during a mining disaster in Wales, which came about after a story told by the boys Grandfather, they felt compelled to write a song, the song contains some great sound effects to create just the right sinister atmosphere. This recording was made on a low budget and lacks some production that I’m sure with time and experience the band will improve.


After seeing the band live recently these songs really do come alive on the live stage the band really know who to put on a great show and really do not disappoint, the front man Matt and guitarist have a certain brotherly chemistry which really shines through. I am sure with this solid start, we will be seeing much more of them in the future.

1- Second Chance
2- Baby Be Mine
3- Ghost Story
4- Fly
5- Goodbye
6- El Diablo

The Band
Sparky Jenkins -Lead Guitar
Mat Jenkins- Lead Vocals
Ash Jenkins -Rhythm Guitar
Josh Rose- Drums
Steve Jones – Bass


Words by Dave Chinners.

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