War Berries

Well,where to start with War Berries. Hailing from Ghent via France & Belgium Thomas Wykes formed War Berries. Current release ‘All The Love in the World’ has a wonderfully festival friendly sound to it. The beat is simple with a hint of flamenco in the guitars. The vocals are light-hearted,almost comical before we get the mid-80’s ‘hair metal’ middle 8 with noodling aplenty. This song is not unpleasant in any way & takes a generous nod toward Flaming Lips territory. With songs like this War Berries wouldn’t be out of place on a Camp Bestival or Larmer Tree Festival bill.

‘It Turns My Corners’ is however an uplifting tune with a stronger vocal than ‘All The Love…..’ It possesses (to this reviewer) a keyboard sound ‘borrowed’ from the Doors ‘Light My Fire’ intro,but in reverse. Musicianship is once again confident on this poppier little number. Where ‘All The Love’ has a more festy feel ‘Corners’ is more daytime radio & chart-friendly. Ross.


Words By Ross.