The Inciders

For fans of 2nd generation Punk this collection of songs is a ‘must hear’! Title track “Megakill v.2 Turbo” starts off with a sample then quickly progresses to a 90mph delivery of unintelligible lyrics & aggression. Strangely the middle 8 is melodic to say the least, which is a constant throughout this LP. On first listen I’m leaning toward a generous influence from The Exploited but you could pick from any number of Punk bands of that genre. The second track, “Blood Will Be Spilt” is another fast paced little number with heavy percussion and a theme of War. The lyric ‘Blood Will Be Spilt when War Breaks Out’ is sung loudly in the chorus and is a bold statement in itself.

XH558 carries on the pace with some clever chord changes and intricate drum fills while on “God Bless Frank Gorshin” the middle 8 is heavier with more big singalong parts. The chorus reminds (this reviewer) of Exploited’s “Fuck The USA” but I’m sure others could pinpoint other influences! The LP takes a distinct ‘turn’ on “Cheyne Stokes” with another sample intro and a much slower paced song. Once again I’m hearing The Exploited with a generous nod toward the intro to “Troops of Tomorrow”. Whether this is deliberate or just a band pushing the boundaries, it works. Track 6 returns swiftly to pacier material with a great bassline at the start and an unusual middle 8. The album ends with the standout track ‘Fatal Mistake’ At 9 minutes long it is punctuated by another sample, cleverly mixed with the bass. More Exploited drumming & lyrically clearer the song also ends with a sample about a man having just been executed.

The Inciders

One cannot criticise the music of The Inciders – all the elements are here. The content matter of the songs is largely War & Politics, a staple of most ‘2nd generation’ Punk bands. If I have just one criticism it is the lyrical delivery. However, this is a decent LP which I am sure should secure them many supports in future. The Inciders will be supporting Greenish Day at Sound Circus on 18-Nov-2011. Not sure, go along & make your own mind up!

Track Listing
Megakill v.2 Turbo
Blood Will Be Spilt
God Bless Frank Gorshin
Windmills & Sidekicks
Fatal Mistake



Words by Ross.

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