Half For You, Half For Me - The Committee

Get ready for our track by track review of their debut EP;

Track 1 “What a Drag” is anything but. It starts off all “Dodgy” on the intro, takes a trip through the intro of “Purple Haze” then heads for psychadelia. The middle 8 is strange but not unpleasant while the ending is massive in terms of sound & staying psychadelic.

Track 2 “Get My Coat” for me displays an early 60’s vibe to begin with & there’s lots going on musically. The song itself takes a heavy dash of ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” but that’s purely my opinion,one wouldn’t want to accuse the band of ‘theft’! Lyrically its not particularly challenging but I find the chorus quite bouncy.
Track 3 “Murder Song #5” carries on the 60’s vibe with a tambourine-led little rhythm & a “noodly” middle 8 from Angus. Where the “Murder” comes in is anyone’s guess but a decent song nevertheless.
Track 4 “Wreck of Phil K Dick” for this reviewer is largely disappointing & easily the weakest track of the 5. Its Summery & a little whimsy & reminds one of summer festivals whilst lazing around in the sun.
Track 5 “Stone the Crows” for me should be the opening track as its clearly the strongest material on here. The vocals are not unlike a musical car crash between PJ Harvey & Wendy O & perfectly compliment the instrumentation on this song. The almost strained guitar squeals & (once again) big middle 8 & classic song ending make this by far the standout track.

The Committee

For a debut EP this is indeed very good. One hopes there’s more in the tank. Principal songwriter Martin has managed to put his Indie past to bed for now if this EP is anything to go by. New sound, new beginnings-great things to come one suspects.


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