The Super Happy Fun Club

The Super Happy Fun Club is a six piece rock band from Chicago with a crazy band name, but don’t let this deceive you, as they are potentially the most exciting band to come from 2011. Their debut effort has been critically acclaimed by many websites and magazines after its release this year, and since I discovered the band (while they were touring with Madina Lake), I have been keeping a close eye on their progress.

After hearing “My Life’s A Mess (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)”, I was excited to say the least. This band has a fresh new outlook to rock music, with the ability to create explosive choruses and infectious hooks along with the gritty details which give their sound the essential genuine feel it deserves. Next track “Victims” is a prime example of these elements as the powerful presence of surging guitar riffs interchanges with the softer tones of the piano. Their sound is what I reckon Green Day would probably sound like after breaking up with their girlfriends, and reading too many comics. “London” follows the trend of creating an infectious chorus backed by atmospheric backing vocals, yet it still maintains the edginess to keep this record going with such finesse. “Light Pollution” stands out to me as my favourite track other than “Life’s A Mess (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)” and “Victims” as it is the strongest piece of evidence to me that this band have mastered rock.

A key point to mention is the brutal honesty in lyrics “months and months of medication, mental masturbation”, which prove that this band isn’t looking to sugar coat their songs, but want to ram their real life stories in your face without looking back. End track “Invincible” could be sung from mountain tops and easily make Josh Groban look out of place, and pulls things to a close in a remarkable fashion.

The Super Happy Fun Club

I hate cheesy terms, but this time round you could say that out of this year’s releases, the best has been saved for last. My only criticism is that there could have been a few more tracks, but then again, it’s about quality and not quantity, something we should all remember. The songs in this album are convincingly beautiful, yet have the honesty and rough edge to create a true hearted rock album. I dare to think what 2012 will bring for this band with all that they possess.

Track Listing
1. My Life’s a Mess (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
2. Victims
3. London
4. Generation
5. Billy the Entertainer
6. Partners in Crime
7. Light Pollution
8. Invincible

Band Members
Stubhy Pandav – Vocals
Brad Chagdes- Guitar/Vocals
Pat Gilroy – Keyboards/Vocals
Chris Mason – Drums
Jeremy Galanes – Bass
Phil Kosch – Guitar

Words by George Fullerton.

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