We have been lucky to get an early copy of the album “Entertainment On Foreign Grounds” by the London based Straylings. Now I listen to a wide range of music, but it has taken ages to put this, albeit short, review together. Why? I just can’t put my finger on what continually draws me back into the album. There is a very haunting feel to the album, as if there is an underlying story unfolding.

If I had to the pin the sound down it would have to be in the vein of Gothic Americana, but they are by no means gothic in the traditional sense, or American! (still with me?). Alternative and folky. However, I am reminded of the Tarentellas, but without the French undertones. Maybe it is Danas’ Bahraini/Austrian background, and Olivers guitar work? Either way, they have created an atmospheric album that draws you in.

The album kicks of with the powerful sounding “Carvers Kicks” and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Throughout their folk sensibilities, are woven in with a dark cinematic feel, and a subdued under current of something darker. The whole album feels like a story is being told, again this might be down to Danas sultry vocals drawing you into a mysterious, and rich world.

This might not be every bodies cup of tea, but do I like it? Yes. Would I recommend “Entertainment On Foreign Grounds”? Yes. But then again I have played it about 3 times a day for the last 2 weeks!

Line Up
Dana Zeera
Oliver Drake

Track Listing
Carver’s Kicks
Sleep Shapes
The Saguaro
The Spoils
Bitter Face
Marie & The Dusty Lands
Kings Of The Mire
Arcadian Moon
The Unravelling Of Mr Ed
Animal Flag
To Lay Down Roots


Words by Jon.

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