Monkeys Uncle

For a short while now “G String Fully Loaded” has been floating about Rock-Regeneration, waiting for words to be written. Opening with the overly catchy, exceedingly poppy but effective, “Memphis”. I was not sure what I was about to listen to. I first heard Monkeys Uncle live at the Dorset Music Awards (Second Heat), with this track being one of the two performed that day.

I was pleasantly surprised that things suddenly changed with the second Track “Wonder”. Showing a very thoughtful side, without any of commercial trappings shown in “Memphis”. Don’t get me wrong, “Memphis” is fun, it is not a bad track, but it does not indicate where this album is about to take the listener, or what Monkeys Uncle are capable of.

With an “easy listening” acoustic rock vibe, with some exceptional harmonies. I found myself drawn in by the lyrics, with tracks like “Momma”, and “Looking Glass” which show a tremendous lyrical ability, whilst sitting on top of some mellow tunes which really hit the spot on many levels.

Monkey’s Uncle is primarily Andy Hall (Uncle) and Lennon Moody (Monkey). Andy writes all the guitar parts and lyrics, and Lennon writes the accompaniment. Jim (King Louie) and Lee (Clyde) only joined about 3/4 months ago adding a fuller band feeling.

Monkeys Uncle

They are part of the ever growing family that started with Discos Out (Murders In), and the collective members have been involved with numerous other projects. This includes “Escapefrom98”, “Head of a Cuban Trojan”, “Powdered Cows”, “El Bosco”, to mention but a few.

Their music is available online from;

CD Baby


Words by Jon.

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