Hundred Days

Emerging from the group X-Teller, Hundred Days from Yeovil have emerged with the album “Mission Exodus” pushing their brand of hard rock, as they describe themselves mixing “classic rock, high drama, and fun”.

The album is described as “tell[ing] the story of a near future where the world is split and on the brink of self destruction, reliving the last months of the lives and experiences of people before the inevitable end of the world and half the population leave Earth to find a new home”.

With a sound that reminds of a number of classic artists, but yet is hard to pin down to anyone style (in places Magnum, maybe a little Deep Purple, or Def Leppard?)(maybe this reviewer is mad?) showing that they could easily carve their own path. This might not be to everyones style, but is worth a listen, especially tracks like “Taste of Convenience”, think roof down, sun out, foot to the floor.

Hundred Days

Opening, after the intro, with “Mission Exodus” followed by “Taste of Convenience” you certainly know what you are in for. With a good solid sound, strong vocals, they should be destined for some great gigs and amazing crowd response, as there is an anthemic feel to some of the tracks (perhaps the High Drama element?).

The album then takes a slow down with “Burn In Hell” which proves to be an interesting listen. Starting off with a mellow intro it soons becomes apparent, lyrical, that it is telling quite a dark story.

The track “Suicide Joe” stand out track, a good sing along, with plenty energy (see the comment above about having the roof down, where back to the sunny day in a car analogy!). Below is the Official video below.

Although watch for “Whatever Happened To You” which is a more bluesy, and funky sleazy number with a hint of humour; “You were the hot sauce on our sausage, now all you got is lumpy porridge”.

Hundred Days

If the album had to be criticised, then it is for the cover of “Power of Love” (Huey Lewis). It is performed and delivered well. But for this reviewer, does not sit with the other tracks, an ideal live number, but for some reason not in the middle of the album. Yet the “Live and Let Die” cover at the end works.

In their own words; “If you don’t like what we do, there’s the door”

(but then any band who have William Shatner as an influence deserves to be epic!)

Line Up

Track Listing
Mission Exodus
Taste of Convenience
What We Do
Burn in Hell
Suicide Joe
Power of Love
Psycho Woman
Whatever Happened to You You Keep Fighting
Heads are Turning
Mission Exodus (Reprise) Launch
Started to End
Live and Let Die (live)



“Mission Exodus” is out now, and Hundred Days are touring in April.

Words by Jon.

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