Mr. Kyps, Poole

Blazin Aces

As the clock hit 20:30 Blazin’ Aces hit the stage with both barrels blazing! With a barrage of drums and bass making you stand up and pay attention! They certainly had a small force of fans in attendance that enjoyed their set. Formed in February 2012 by the members of Shadowkey after deciding to finish Shadowkey but keep some of the songs and work on opening up their musical style to all things that they love.

Their opening track was a cover of “Your Betrayal” by Bullet For My Valentine, and had a felt slightly more akin to Metallica in its delivery. The track was delivered with a more honest hard rock approach, more bare bones, and certainly set the tone for the set. The second track of the set was a hard rocking fast paced original, “In Darkness”, and certainly was welcomed by the band. Showing what they were capable of.

The four piece then cemented the Metallica feel with a cover of “Enter Sandman”. Certainly showing great ability, giving a constant assault, and tremedous energy, they proved to be a heavier than expected act for a Bon Jovi tribute band! This got the audiences attention with the obligatory foot tapping and head nodding.

Next up was “Without You” was a slower track, but just as hard rocking! Again showcasing the bands potential This was followed by another original number, “All Guns Blazin’, and started with a more classic feel, more Blue Oyster Cult springs to mind, but then again that was playing in the car as I drove to the gig.

Their final track of the evening, was a rather fast rocking cover of the Kinks classic “You Really Got Me”, with Jonno [Drums] providing some of the vocals. A fine end to a great performance.

Mr. Kyps: Blazin Aces
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If I had to criticise it would be for the fact that 50% of the set-list was covers in a 20 minute set. These guys have talent, Stu’s voice is great for the material they play, I just would have liked to have heard more of it in the form of their own material. Don’t get me wrong, I like to hear bands interpretations of covers, and covers can be a great way to get the crowd started and interested in you, but personally I like to hear a set of predominately original material.

When they finished the crowd dispersed quite quickly, but fully satisfied. Certainly a longer set with original material is needed, if only to show off their capabilities. These guys could be an act to look out for!

Line Up
Stuart Whiteford – Vocals & Guitar
Rob Stevens – Lead Guitar
Coner Stace – Bass & Backing Vocals
Jonno Smyth – Drums & Backing Vocals

Set List
Your Betrayal (Cover – Bullet For My Valentine)
In Darkness (Original)
Enter Sandman (Cover – Metallica)
Without You (Original)
All Guns Blazin’ (Original)
You Really Got Me (Cover – Kinks)


Words, [bad] videos, and Pictures by Jon.

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