The Affected Four

Something’s Happening is the debut LP from South Coast 60’s Garage ‘revivalists’ The Affected Four. Hailing from Bournemouth/Southampton these guys have come together to make this LP over a shared love of all things Mod/Psych/Soul/Garage/60’s etc, (add or delete as appropriate)!. “Stand Up” heads straight down the “Mod Revival” route with a clear,crisp vocal and (to this reviewer) a hint of Jam-era Weller.

“Making The Best Way” is more of the same; the vocals seem a little strained but this doesn’t detract from what is a good song. The guitar part in the middle-8 is the highlight here though. “The Inner Me” written by Lead Guitarist Nathan is (to me) a number written for live exposure,such is the delivery of vocal & accompanying sound to the song. I assume when Singer Richard (Castle) wrote “My Girl and My Best Friend” he firmly had a vision from his past in his mind,such is the lyrical content of the song. Its a bouncy little number with more than a nod toward the Faces. On this the standout track here theres a humourous, tongue in cheek middle-8 that certainly made me laugh! “So Near So Far” is not particularly challenging lyrically nor vocally,but one imagines a live favourite with its “singalong” chorus of “So Near So Far, So Near…..” On “Here She Comes” Nathan has clearly written with a certain “lady” in mind-the lyrics appear very personal and heartfelt. This however is no criticism, it’s a great song with great guitar work and some unfussy drumming from Tony (Castle).

The Affected Four

Nathan’s vocal reminds me of Weller at his angriest best! “Pieces of my Life” takes another personal journey and has a wonderful middle-8 and is another great song. “Looking For Love” has an intro heavily “borrowed” from the Kinks “Sunny Afternoon”. Borrowing aside this is (to me) another Faces-inspired song,with a rather shouty ending which one feels would be another live favourite. “What Will The Neighbours Think” is interesting lyrically if nothing else but I’m not blown away and find the chorus over-sung at the end! “Better When I’m Gone” vocally once again is Weller-esque but lyrically isn’t pulling up any trees-certainly no “Wild Wood”! Closing this album is “Something’s Happening” with its chiming guitars and simple drums. The almost surpressed hollering works well here on this, another standout cut on the LP. The way they have extended the middle-8 into the song ending also works well and finishes the album nicely. For a debut its really rather good and whether the whole demo-ey sound and feel to the production is deliberate, put simply it works.


Stand Up
Making The Best Way
The Inner Me
My Girl and My Best Friend
So Near So Far
Here She Comes
Pieces of My Life
Looking For Love
What Will The Neighbours Think?
Better When I’m Gone
Something’s Happening


Words By Ross A. Ferrone.