Now, I have not seen these guys live. I missed Bandalism 2, which I am still a bit miffed about it, and Yes, I have read the review and comments on that evening. Nothing like healthy opinions and differences. Either way, those nice Saturdaysun chaps wanted us to listen to their EP “Seagull” which was released on 23rd April this year.

Now, there are pros and cons to listening to a CD by a band you have never seen, you don’t know what they look like, the type of crowd they draw, or the kind of energy they inject into their live performances. Conversely you get to listen to their work in the way they intended, and at your own leisure (which is probably why it takes me so long to write so little!).

So after listening to it, at leisure, what do I think? I like it. Alexs’ vocals are clean, clear and crisp, with an understated power, sitting on top of a laid back acoustic sound track (soundscape?), that almost convinces you that when it will be unleashed, you had better take care. With glimpses of this power shown on the track “Peaked”. But never quite surfacing. For me the opening track “Seagull” was the strongest track, starting off with an acoustic folky type intro, it is not until Alexs vocals kick in, and that simple folk sound transforms and you are drawn in.

The four piece from Swanage have an understated folk-rock sound, which would have been perfect if not for the lack of sun coming through my office window! But perhaps that was advantage in setting the scene, as there is also an underlying bleakness to the EP, and it is this that kept my interest. I am reminded of Fleet Foxes, but also The Editors if only for the mellow bleakness I mentioned.

Line Up
Alex Hedley (guitar and vocals)
Bill Merrick (guitar)
Alec Harrison (bass)
Luke Kill (drums)

Track Listing
Seeds To The Sun
Le Monge Snail
Like A Stray
In Their Lines

The EP is available from iTunes and various digital outlets, as well as physical copies from their gigs, and website. With the title track “Seagull” being used in the American thriller “The House At The End Of The Street” released stateside later this year.


Words by Jon.

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