Dead By Dawn

Where do you start with a band whose name is also a quote in a Sam Raimi film, and then use a little bit of George A Romero inspired imagery? At the beginning that’s where!

This 5 piece from the South of England, Bournemouth to be exact, push out a no holds barred metal sound, backed with a strong vocal force, pounding drums, and they delicately describe their guitar work as coming from “…the big book of hair metal fret wankery”. Nice!

With varying elements, their sound, for this listener was a cross between Pantera and Rage Against The Machine. Not surprising as they are both cited as influences, and with the power and energy on the EP they have fully embraced these influences and driven, nay pounded, them forward. They don’t have the political inclinations of Rage, but certainly the vocal delivery at times is close to Zack from Rage, but backed up with a power akin to Pantera.

Dead By Dawn

The EP opens to the barrage which is “False Spectacle” with the lyrics almost spat at you as if challenging the listener; “Do you want to live like this? A shadow of yourself”. Followed by “Blown Away” which has a great opening riff that hooks the listener in, and under pins the track from beginning to end. Along with some great guitar work towards the end of the track. The EP closes with “Outta Luck” which is no doubt great for fuelling the mosh-pit with it’s energy. The whole EP has a relentess energy, and no doubt this is transferred to their live performances.

It would be good to hear an album form these guys, give themselves a chance to show what they can do with having to give the listener 10 tracks!

Dead By Dawn

Line Up
Mike West – Bass
Marc Canning – Drums
Dave Cook – Vocals
Jonny Miles – Guitar
Greg Pidgeon – Guitar

False Spectacle
Blown Away
Outta Luck


The EP is available on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, and ReverbNation. But, we have a copy that DbD want us to give away to a lucky reader, so the first email will be sent the EP. So send us your address by email by clicking this link, and we will send it to you!

Words by Jon.
Pictures not by us.

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