Joiners Arms, Southampton


On a balmy night in Southampton the Goth fraternity from all parts of the world including Canada are out in force. The Mission are in town for a secret gig, a warm up for their forth coming tour with The Cult that kicks off shortly in major venue all over the UK, for the purists they are advertised under a codename called the “Blood Brothers” for those only in the know.

With no support its an early start (8.30)! After a great warm up of classic 80’S Goth-era tunes from the DJ, the band take to the rather intimate stage. Myself excluded, I get the impression that most of tonight’s audience have been to a “Mission” gig many times before, such is the adulation and recognition of the set list from many of the diehards in the crowd. The band open with a great cover of The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows”, starting with Craig’s thundering bass lines, which is well received and a song like many others, that they have made their own over the years performed in their very own way.

Lead singer Wayne Hussey is in good spirit, smiling all night long while bantering with the crowd. The band try out a new number which Wayne unashamedly “cocks up” towards the end, (which he’d predicted only 3 minutes earlier)! The song in question was “Chernobyl Heart” which prompts a joke from bassist Craig Adams, I don’t know who is more embarrassed, him or us!

Simon Hinkler is shoegazing almost the entire set but his guitar work is unfussy as he looks up only occasionally, almost nonchalantly. Most of tonight’s set is new to me, and so “Into The Blue” is a highlight whilst “Sacrilege” gets the more energetic among us moving which a ever expanding mosh pit created in the middle of the dance floor.

Bloodbrothers 1234

“Grip of Disease” follows before another newbie called “Falling”. I, amongst others, are here for the more well known “hits” so when the opening bars of “Severina” are played I’m smiling from ear to ear. The crowd respond once more with plenty of energy and enthusiasm with their arms stretched high into the air. That is swiftly followed by “Wasteland” the band are now in full flow, as are this audience as a small pit ensues once again. “Deliverance” is another set highlight before a couple more covers Neil Young’s “Like A Hurricane”, and reworking of Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower”. The band end on ‘Tower of Strength’ which is a new version on me with it’s extended intro, it’s longer than I expected but the perfect end to what has been a great gig. Its clear from the start that this would be yet another classic gig and it certainly was, coupled with a sell out crowd. At 1 hour 40 minutes it is money well spent. With the new songs sounding this great, I don’t think we have heard the last of The Mission just yet.


Set List
Tomorrow Never Knows(The Beatles)
And The Dance Goes On,
Kingdom Come
Chenobyl Heart (New Song)
Naked And Savage,
Into The Blue
Butterfly On A Wheel
Grip of Disease
Falling(New Song)
All Along The Watchtower(Bob Dylan)
Like A Hurricane(Neil Young)
Blood brother
Tower Of Strength

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Review By Ross A Ferrone.
Videos and Pictures by Dave Chinery