Old school metal. New school vocals. Noodling. Riffage. Pounding drums. Storming stuff.

Coming this January is the debut EP from Immersion. Coming out of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, you had better take cover, as these guys have a stadium filling sound that should satiate any rivet head! Formed 5 years ago, it seems that it was only last year that the line-up finally came together with the Jonni Sowter and Hasan Ahmed joined up.

Peddling their melodic brand of metal, they have just about everything in their sound. With each of the three tracks weighing in at around 4-5 minutes they are all powerful slabs that can only be played LOUD. I was left thinking of Judas Priest after the first listen. What you may hear will be your call – but if you like your metal hard and fast then you will not be left disappointed.


Things slow up for the last track “In Vain”, and show that these guys can do more than just make your pulse run and ears bleed. With a sound akin to Metallica (The Black Album/Load) on this track, the dual driving guitars, cracking vocals, and hooks keep you on your toes.

Should an album be in the works then there should be a good mix of tracks. I want more than the 3 tracks presented on this EP!!!

The EP is released nationally on the 7th January. Get out your marker pen, write 11 on the AMP, turn it up, and hit play as hard as you can, and get ready for the riffage.

Line Up
Jake Kearsley – vocals/guitar
Tim Dolan – lead guitar
Jonni Sowter – drums
Hasan Ahmed – Bass

Track Listing
Shadow Of Yourself
Lost & Forgotten
In Vain


Words by Jon.

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