Race Car Hearts

“Tender/Violet” is the title of the wonderful 5-track EP by Portsmouth’s Race Car Hearts, which is the creative guise for English singer/songwriter Chris Perrin.

This EP deserves to part of the record collection of those who love their music to be thought provoking, moving and inspirational. 1st track “Pins” sets the standard high with a beautiful tune that appears to be a tale of heartache/breakup/divorce. Chris Perrin, the frontman of RCH, owns a unique vocal style, gravelly but yet incredibly expressive. It is easy to see why this was chosen as the lead track.

Race Car Hearts

The 2nd track “Better Kind” has a cracking bass-line and could be influenced by “Comfort in Sound”-era Feeder. 3rd track “Mother Midnight” is more of a piano led rocker with strings, and comes armed with a killer chorus. 4th track is a cover of the Nirvana classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as a slow and stripped down acoustic interpretation. Sadly I feel that is does add anything really and I would have much preferred another original RCH song instead. The 5th and final track is “The Immortal Ones” and this is the perfect closing tune for this EP as it leaves you wanting more.

Track Listing
Better Kind
Mother Midnight
Smells Like Teen Spirit
The Immortal Ones


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Review by Pete Cole.