Tumbeweed Dealer

A lot green leaf inspiration has gone into the making of this EP by Montreal stoner band Tumbleweed Dealer.

Founder Seb Painchaud re-kindled his love affair with herbal cigarettes, picked up his guitar and started jamming. A drug fuelled evening with good friend Felix Roberge programming the drum loops and acting as Musical Director to Sebís Guitar and Bass parts, they recorded Death Rides Southwards in Sebís home studio.

These tunes are so laid back they are practically horizontal! The stoner vibe is prevalent throughout the EP and the riffs are so smooth that you find yourself gazing out of the window at nothing in particular, nodding along, just going with the flow. The bluesy rhythms wash over you like waves gently lapping at the shore on a summer’s day. It’s fair to say that this EP is probably best enjoyed with a blunt in one hand and a brew in the other.

Tumbleweed Dealer show plenty of promise and the addition of drummer Vincent Horde for live and studio work, should add an extra dynamic to the band.

A 3 song version of the EP is available on http://moshpittragedy.com/tumbleweed-dealer-death-rides-southwards on a pay-what-you-want basis.

Check ’em out!

Track listing
1. Death Rides Southwards
2. Crawling Through Cacti
3. Resurrected Yet Again


Words by Dan O’Gara.

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