Hope FM Studio, Bournemouth

Escapefrom '98

Bournemouth’s Escapefrom’98 were invited to join Chinners in the Hope FM radio studio for their very 1st ever acoustic session and interview.

Lee, Amanda, James and Lennon did their best to make Chinners feel comfortable on his very first solo show while Tim Heywood was away in Egypt on a scuba diving trip. As you would expect with Escapefrom’98 there was lots of fun and lively banter as well as two acoustic numbers with one including vocals (shouts) from Chinners, if you dare to watch the videos of the tracks are below. The band have a string of live dates coming up in 2013, as well releasing 3 singles spread out through the coming months, if you have not had the pleasure of one of their live shows you must check them out, they take entertainment to a new level!

Escapefrom '98


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