Hold The Fight

Bursting out of the speakers comes “Hold The Fight” from Eastbourne with their new mini-album “With A Breath & A Hope” a collection of 6 sub-3 minute songs. Each one aiming to leave you exhausted, and that they do. They describe themselves as being an acoustic-core trio left me a little curious…

From the explosive opening with “How Many Times Man, I’m Not Caesar”, with it’s attack style drumming, and punchy guitar work is a more than energetic start to the EP and gives a good taste of their brand of rock with it melodic hooks, and the mix of vocals, and “back up” screams.

…and then almost seamlessly flows into “Eleanor Roosevelt”, although this track eases up halfway through, but then the tempo starts to increase. With drums and bass giving the proceedings funk.

Opening with a just a “plain” guitar “Baby You Be The Architect” makes you realise the acoustic part of the bands description, there are hints of this acoustic’ness in the vocals, and guitar work intertwined in the more hardcore elements, and upon subsequent listens, you pick it out more and more throughout the mini-album. They have successfully merged the hardcore and acoustic elements mentioned earlier, styles, along with some punk elements to produce a hard, fast, sound, that you might usually associate with metal. Along, with punchy melodies that shouldn’t belong!

Hold The Fight

“We Will Sink Your Battleship” is more drum led pounding out to you, whilst the guitars provide a melodic overlay that bounces you along.

Closing with “Face it Kid, You Can’t Build A Bridge Out Of Algebra” the track just re-enforces

Despite the interesting label of acoustic-core, what impresses was the full sound, and energy, that comes from this three piece. Sometimes the sound or power can appear lacking without an additional guitar, or other instrument. Not the case here. These guys are well worth checking out.

Line Up
Laurie – Vocals & Guitar
Will – Bass & Vocals
Jamie – Drums

How Many Time Man, I am Not Caesar
Eleanor Roosevelt
Baby You Be The Architect
Who’s Game For Another One Line Adventure
We Will Sink Your Battleship
Face It Kid, You Can’t Build A Bridge Out Of Algebra


Wordage by Jon.

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