Swingin Utters

Swingin Utters have a new LP out titled “Poorly Formed”, which is anything but!

On opener “Librarians Are Hiding Something” they set out their stall early. A hard edged song with hints of Rancid it’s an anthemic number, even if I’m a little “confused” over the lyrics. That said there is no let up in the pace of the song which is a brilliant opener. “Brains”is the next equally excellent offering on this LP. It starts with more than a nod towards Buzzcocks “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays”, most notably in the guitars. The vocal style is interesting with the muffled sound, yet the vocals are clear and intelligable. The beat of the song throughout (to me) shouts Indie but I doubt it’s deliberate! The bass and drums are great though. “Stuck In A Circle” starts all low key then kicks into life. It reminds me of Sum 41, in a room, just jamming an idea for a song! “Pour Beans” comes over all Rancid again. It’s fast paced with a great guitar part although the “cussing” I find unnecessary. The chorus is angry yet comedic all in one but still a great, albeit short song. “I’m A Little Bit Country” is exactly “what it says on the tin”. Comedic Country/Punk and a great injection of humour five songs in. One imagines a live favourite at the hoedown after a few Ciders! “In A Video” returns to that classic Punk guitar sound. There’s a clangy middle 8 also on this more immediate, fast paced little number.

Swingin Utters

Throw in some frenetic stickmanship, and that muffled vocal again and you have another well crafted tune. “Poorly Formed” is anything but with its brilliant bass guitar opening. Complimented by some clangy, chiming guitars they’ve got the “mufflers” out on the vocals again. The bass is the star here on what is the standout song on the LP. “Greener Grass” has a softer intro than its predecessor, it’s more “New Wave than Punk. It’s a happy/sad tale of life and living but doesn’t disappoint. On “Temporary Contemporay” the “clang” returns once more; it’s fast paced with some intricate chord changes and some “Country” picking. The vocals are “up n at em” but it all works well together.

Swingin Utters

“Take A Walk With The Postman” is lyrically humourous over the Punky guitars. One wonders if it was just a tongue in cheek jam that evolved into a song? “Military Barbara Billingsley” comes across all early 80’s Post/Punk but doesn’t really go anywhere. The handclaps and “hey,hey,hey’s”give it a different dimension, but I’m not sure it fits on this collection. “Dreadlocked Dread Reggae” once again is Buzzcocks-esque with its fast, driving guitar beat- (there’s nothing reggae going on here)! A short, sharp shock of a song that finishes way too early. Then again isn’t that the point?! “The Fake Rat Of Dave Navarro” is yet more of the same and carries on the theme of strange song titles! “Sevita Sing” is a soft ending to the LP with a tale of Sevita. Light, Summery and acoustic. Poorly Formed is a great, if in parts “confused” body of work. It has its highs though and leaves me wanting to come back for more.

Swingin Utters

Line Up
Johnny Bonnel – vocals
Darius Koski – guitar/vocals
Greg McEntee – drums
Jack Dalrymple – guitar
Miles Peck – bass

Track Listing
Librarians Are Hiding Something
Stuck In A Circle
Pour Beans
I’m A Little Bit Country
In A Video
Poorly Formed
Greener Grass
Temporary Contemporary
Take A Walk With The Postman
Military Barbara Billingsley
Dreadlocked Dread Reggae
The Fake Rat Of Dave Navarro
Sevita Sing


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Review by Ross a. Ferrone.

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