Matchbox Heroes

Hailing from Norwich, are two chaps called Matchbox Heroes who have a 5 track EP that we have had a listen to. Currently gigging in the UK with just two guitars they aim to get a full band together to perform the EP.

Opening with “Where Do You Go?” is the soft sound of “Matchbox Toys” and their self-titled 5 track EP. Foot tapping catchy brand of pop-folk. Trying to bridge the divide between the British acoustic scene and the American pop/rock sounds of the charts, and it gives them an interesting sound, that feels both laid back, and energetic – possibly an interesting mix that becomes apparent when listening to their recorded material when compared to their live performances?

Matchbox Heroes

Whilst “Push” has a different sound with it’s 80’s sounding synth, and punchy beat. As the EP progresses it gets a rockier edge, but remains quite light and airy in it’s feel. There is certainly the making of something interesting going on here, my only criticism is that the vocals could do with a little more “body”, at times they seem a little weak. Yet despite this, the EP has a great summer feel to it (as I watch the snow fall outside my window!) and should see these guys in good stead. Aiming for a unique sound, they might be on to something…

The EP can be streamed here;

Line Up

Track Listing
Where Do you Go?
No One Else
For My Life
Come Back


Brief words by Jon.