Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

The Enemy

On a freezing Sunday night we are out to witness the re-scheduled last date on the current tour by Coventry’s finest The Enemy.

We arrive early to find a largely empty room that welcomes opener Daniel Ash. Daniel apologises almost immediately explaining how other band members “hadn’t made it down”. He then proceeds to play a set of original numbers which largely feature the theme of “love and romance”. It’s a tried and tested formula but it works. Opener “Kiss” gets mild applause before he finds his range with “Walk Into My Life”. “Cant Do That” comes next and it’s at this point when he comes across all too nervous claiming, he “needs a band to disappear behind”. I feel for him as it takes courage to play to a near empty room while it’s just you and an acoustic guitar. There’s a hint of skiffle on some of the latter songs while the vocal becomes a little nasal. He ends on “Crazy For You” to mild applause and exits stage left.

The Lost Boys
The Lost Boys 

By the time The Likely Lads take to the stage the room is fuller. This 4 piece Indie/Britbeat combo announce themselves amid their early wall of sound on opener “What You Waiting For”. They have a very clean sound and appear confident throughout. With a moniker like theirs I’m expecting swagger but they are more akin to “shoegazers” in part. “Feel It” and “Meant To Be” ramp up their sound a little as Ashley (lead) and Ben (rhythm) start to use the stage more while Jordan (drums) is powerful throughout. Ross (vox/bass) has a look of one Liam Gallagher about him, and doesn’t lack confidence-but the similarities end there. “Not Too Fussed” and “Not For Me” don’t break any new ground but “This Grey Old Town” is a highlight-a song dedicated to their hometown York. They end their set on a high with “Get In Line” and leave to great applause.

The Likely Lads
The Likely Lads 123

The Enemy need no introduction. The 3 of them stride onstage to huge applause and launch into the brilliant “Gimme A Sign”. This expectant crowd start to move. They follow that with ‘Aggro’ which welcomes the now customary beer throwing response. Tom (vox/guitars) takes a pot full on the head but carries on regardless as Andy (bass) dodges the projectiles. This raucous crowd are warming up now! ‘Had Enough’ would seem rather appropriate now but The Enemy have only just begun. It’s like a greatest hits setlist tonight with big tunes aplenty. First big singalong comes in the shape of “Away From Here” as this now heaving crowd really start jumping. Tom shows us his appreciation as Andy smiles from ear to ear.

The Enemy

The Enemy 12345678

“Saturday” is one of many highlights but tonight there’s a song for everyone. “Be Somebody” comes over all swagger before some songs from their latest LP. “We’ll Live And Die In These Towns” is sung in unison throughout the room and once again Tom praises our efforts “in Bournemouth on a Sunday evening”! There’s no encore tonight and they cram a lot into 50 minutes. The only downside (to this reviewer) which they haven’t quite nailed yet is the cover of James “Sit Down”. It’s a great song but better left alone. Which leads nicely to their final track “You’re Not Alone”. The band leave the stage to fantastic applause and we leave happy, hoping this wont be the last we see of The Enemy in Bournemouth.

Set Lists
The Enemy
Gimmie The Sign
Had Enough
Away From Here
Bigger Cages
Be Somebody
1-2-3-4 Ready To Go
This Is Real
No Time For Tears
This Song
We’ll Live And Die In These Towns
Happy Birthday Jane
Sit Down(‘James’ Cover)
You’re Not Alone

Likely Lads
What You Waiting For
Feel It
Mean’t To Be
Not Too Fussed
Not For Me
This Grey Old Town
Get In Line



Words By Ross A Ferrone
Support Band Pictures & Video By Dave Chinery (Chinners)
The Enemy Pictures by Charlie Raven

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