Steve Grantley is best known for being the legendary hard hitting sticks man with iconic punk band Stiff Little Fingers, he has also worked with many other acts including The Alarm, Oleta Adams, Julian Lennon, The Clash and Patsy Kensit’s 80’s pop band Eighth Wonder. He also has written a couple of books including “Who By Numbers” a detailed account of virtually every song by The Who along with another about 70’s Glam rock band Slade.

Steve has once again climbed out from behind the drum kit to write and play on a new album for his own band RT-Zed. The band was formed in 2000 where Steve recruited fellow musician John Magna and recorded the band’s first album ‘Return To Zero’, a few ‘one off’ gigs followed.

The band then in 2003 contributed their reworked version of The Clash classic track “Guns Of Brixton” to a Clash Tribute album. Their second album “Honour The Barbarian” was recorded in 2006; another collaboration between Grantley and Magna. Shortly after, the record company went bust and the album was sadly never released. The fact Steve at the time was touring with both The Alarm and Stiff Little Fingers there was very little time left available to move forward with this project any further. During a very difficult period in Steve’s life when his Father tragically passed away, his dog died, he split up from his girlfriend and he was sacked from The Alarm he found comfort in picking up a guitar to write some songs, which is where the whole “Zed Head” album started.


In 2011 Grantley recruited his guitar playing friend Steve “Jonesy” Jones who he met when playing in the Mike Peters side project ‘Coloursound’ with The Cult’s Billy Duffy. They set about recording the band’s 3rd album “Zedhed” which was to be about two years in the making. Also in 2011 RT-Zed’s version of The Ramones classic ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ was chosen to appear in a documentary movie about The Ramones which was released last year. The new album is ready for release on the 1st of May and this time around the project is much more organised with a new website and a full live band with initially a few one off gigs and a possible tour later on in the year. The album is made up of 14 tracks with Steve and Jonesy performing as the only two musicians throughout, the influences in there come from the initially obvious world of punk rock but that is certainly not the whole story as there are many other elements included that make up what is described as “dirty rock n roll” .

The lyrics are incredibly personal with everything that happened in Steve’s life being poured into it’s content. Side projects can sometimes be a bit hit and miss and normally it would only appeal to a certain market. In all honestly this album is really great piece of work that should reach out to a whole new audience and it just proves that Steve is not just a fantastic drummer, the guitar playing and vocals are all of impressive quality taking some huge influences from working with lots of high profile people within the music industry. This dirty rock no roll really hits the spot with stand out tracks like “Too Far In To Get Out” ,” Room No 5″ and “Everything’s On Sale” sounding superb with their skilfully played driving guitars alongside very infectious choruses which gives this album every chance of appearing in many peoples music collections very soon. For many of Steve Grantley fans it will be very strange to see Steve standing out front with a guitar as opposed to be at the back on the drums, on this showing though I one hope we can see a lot more of it.


You Are Free
Room No 5
Pretty Ugly
Get What You Want
In The Blood
She Was Bad
Beneath The Shadow
Too Far In To Get Out
Everything’s On sale
Deja Voodoo

Line Up
Steve Grantley (Vocals/Guitar)
Steve Jones (Guitar)
Simon J Turner (Bass)
Benji Read (Drums)



Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners).