Arms and the Man

Hitchin 5 piece “Arms & the Man” unleash their Hardcore Punk anger on us with “Bloodjunkie”. A ferocious mix of styles that would give The Bronx a run for their money. Harsh, angry lyrics over some hard and ferocious drumming that bludgeon the senses into submission! Theres no let-up here on this short,sharp shock of a track that leaves one in no doubt-this band are the real deal!

“Pure Luck” is more of the same. In places the lyrics are more intelligable and the guitar parts shine through. It begins all Hardcore once more but the song structure is interesting. A clever bass driven middle 8 from Drew before some more angry screaming from Ben (vox). The slight pause near the end of the song works well before the screaming kicks in once more. Pure Luck-Pure Screamo more like! Part melodic,part hardcore-Arms and the Man mix up the styles here to great effect. One imagines they make a ferocious noise in the live arena. You can purchase the single for just £2 here at the band’s Bandcamp page.

Arms and the Man


Pure Luck


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Review by Ross A.Ferrone

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