If you want a catchy hook, look no further than this riff making machine.

Medicate the Night is the upcoming EP from Bridgend boys Milestone. From the start, dark, crunching melodies are rampant. However, you can’t listen to this album without noticing one underlying theme throughout; Milestone seemed to have already finely tuned the art of a creating an infectious riff. Eloquent and simple, you can tell that some real consideration has gone into composing these tracks.

These exciting riffs really stand out, but they are supported by a very tight rhythm section holding it all together. They sound very well trained and professional, giving the guitar and vocals a lot of room to play. There are a handful of moments where real musical flair can be seen from each and every member of the band.

Although I’m sure it will be some people’s favourites, the title track “Medicate the Night” is probably the weakest on the album in my opinion, some of the timings feel a bit awkward an clunky. However “Blame Me” stands out as being an exceptionally creative and invigorating track. Notable mention also goes to “Shoot Me Down” for its jaw dropping intro. Vocals always hit the mark very accurately, matching the sound of the band at every turn. Perhaps not for all tastes, probably going down more successfully with a young audience than anyone else. Still, Milestone still do a good job of making their youth a virtue rather than a hindrance.


Overall, a very polished performance from a band that shows a lot of promise. I would have liked to see a little bit more exploration from the riffs that hold the songs together, perhaps a few more guitar fills or instrumental breakdowns. But you can’t really fault these guys for doing what they do best. The more I listen to it the more I like it. 7/10.

Album is out 13th May (PHD, Amazon, iTunes, & Spotify).

Line Up
Jack Howells – Guitar/Vocals
Kris Archer – Guitar
Adam Pain – Bass
Lewis Pilling – Drums

Dirty Knees
Shoot Me Down
Blame Me
Medicate The Night
Bless Your Soul


Words by Steve Jones.

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