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Thunder Boy And The Lightning Bolts

The Cellar Bar at Chaplin’s in Boscombe has recently undergone some very positive reconstruction, the pillar in front of the stage has been removed and a high archway has now been put in it’s place. This gives in house soundman Conrad a full view of the stage from his position at the back and punters a much better overall view of the stage.

Tonight we have the debut of a brand new band with only their second gig “Thunder Boy & The Lightning Bolts” as well as the return of Martin Ruddock’s “Minor Characters”. Minor Characters take to the stage at around 9:30pm (Conrad Time!!), this time though it is the mark II version with some changes in personnel. On guitar we have Joe Browning and on bass from Bournemouth blues band “Paint It Blue” Albert Dyba.

Minor Characters
Minor Characters 12

The 60’s style pop psychedelia quartet kick off with “Hanging On By The Nails” from their debut album “First”, it is immediately clear that the new members make quite a difference to the bands previously delicate sound. The audience is treated to a sound with a much harder edge with some much more prominent bass lines, especially in second song “She Wants Me to Dress Like Napoleon”.

The band have to contend with a few problems from phantom microphones but carry on professionally as nothing has happened. A couple of new songs have found their way on to the set list “Chap With Wings” and “Baby I’m Ill” , though much shorter than previous compositions, they do sound great with Dixie’s hard hitting drums and Martin’s very pleasing quality vocal skills. The set ends with possibly one of their best songs “No Bus Today” , the frustrated story or someone trying to get to a loved who is so far away. The fine lyrics combined with the excellent melodies make this a really great song and the audience is rewarded with an extended version that sees some impressive duelling guitar jam at the end. The band leave the stage after just 30 minutes to plenty of positive reactions from the more than happy Cellar Bar audience.

Thunder Boy And The Lightning Bolts
Thunder Boy And The Lightning Bolts 123

Tonight’s headliners “Thunder Boy & The Lightning Bolts” are a three piece blues rock band made up of the rock solid rhythm section of “Walk The Night”(Ex Bad Magic) Scotty Farron on bass and Andy Smooth on drums coupled with Kev Marshall drummer with “Lady Winwod’s Maggot” who tonight takes to the front of the stage playing guitar as well as taking on lead vocals. Tonight’s is more of a jam than a gig as the band just get up on stage and play whatever they feel. The music is very self indulgent and Kev looks like he is really in his element playing in style a band that he as always wanted to be in. The songs take on a wide section of blues styles with lots of impressive guitar solos that pour out of the speakers into the ears of the audience delighting each person with every note. The songs come in the form of the heavy “September Son” and the very dark “Hurts” which shows off Kev’s varying but considerable vocal style. The band are only on their second gig and at times seem a little under rehearsed with Scotty and Andy looking at Kev for direction, but when the music flows their is certainly something entertaining there that the audience seem to enjoy. This is proven as when they try to leave the stage the audience enthusiastically call for more. After a few quick on stage discussions the band decide to play an impromptu version of “Communication Breakdown” cementing the obvious Led Zeppelin leanings. A great night with two very different bands providing the continuing Chaplin’s unrivalled 7 days a week live music entertainment and long may it continue.

Set Lists
Thunder Boy & The Lightning Bolts
Voodoo Prelude
What kind of fool
September Son.
So long
Siren’s Blues
Communication Breakdown(Led Zeppelin)

Minor Characters
Hanging On By The Nails
She Wants Me to Dress Like Napoleon
Chap With Wings
Get My Coat
Baby I’m Ill
Don’t Walk Away From Me
No Bus Today


Minor Characters

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Words, Pictures & Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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