the Dropper's Neck

Melting my speakers is the debut album by The Dropper’s Neck with their dark raw punk rock sound that falls somewhere between punk, rock, and a dollop of horror darkness for atmosphere.

In fact there might even be some psycho-billy in there, hiding between the basslines and horror themes. Especially when you listen to “Darker Waters” and it catchy guitar riffs. Whereas “Abrasive” has more of an Iggy Pop vibe to the vocals and the punchy tempo.

You would think that “I Am The Law” is slowing proceedings down, but 20 seconds in kicks off, with what would probably ignite the pit into a frenzy. I am reminded of the soundtrack to “Repo Man” (and possibly the soundtrack to “the Return Of The Living Dead”), although I am no expert, there are probably a few parallels that can be drawn to some old American punk bands. Especially as “Sir Sibilance” kicks in.

“Second Coming Part II” seems to sum up the chaos perfectly; “Why should I care?”

Closing the album is “Save Me From Myself” opening with an almost musical box opening you are left with a track that seems more orchestrated, the chaos has been kept on a leash. An interesting close to the album, but a fitting one, showing that there is more to the band than just the horror fuelled chaos you have just witnessed as the guitars carry the screams. It is as if the lead character has been killed as the movie ends. With just the slightest hint of “Welcome To My Nightmare”.  It just leaves you going for the repeat button.

the Dropper's Neck

For a debut album this is a cracking debut, all 9 tracks pull no punches, and with a sound that has an almost retro feel, possibly the rawness offsets it from a lot of the material out there currently. Lloyds’ vocals style perfectly complement the instruments, and add to the dark chaos they are whipping up. the guitar licks keep you hooked, and the beat keeps the foot tapping. In fact given the chance, the sound these guys make will kick the crap out of a lot of material being produced today!

On their Facebook page they describe themselves as “Five guys with the same ambition and drive; to make loud, raw and noisy rock music different to any other band on the scene.” – is there anything better than shared ambition coming to fruition? Lets hope their next release keeps this rawness flowing.

“Second Coming” is released 29th July 2013.

Line Up
Lloyd Mathews – Vocals
Chris Blake – Lead Guitar
George Barrows – Rhythm Guitar
Danny Keene – Drums
Jack Turner – Bass

Second Coming
Darker Waters
Three Little Pigs
I Am The Law
Sir Sibilance
Second Coming Part II
My Lime Tree
Save Me From Myself

Words by Jon.

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