Michael Jurado

The Bipolar Express is a 6-minute experimental music production that reflects upon the emotional extremities of a bipolar sufferer. Using the journey of a steam train as its metaphor, the soundscape takes the listener on a shrill and eerie ride that ploughs through episodes of torment, tranquillity, mania and anxiety. “The unchartered territory of its compositional style is very reflective of the condition itself.”

Composed entirely from unconventional and found sounds that include raking radiator grills, modulating feedback and steam trains in motion. The Bipolar Express is a contemporary soundscape manipulated using old techniques.

Michael Jurado

“My approach to sound production is computer based, but I wanted this composition to sound more organic than synthetic. By using recordings of unconventional and found sounds I retained the clanging and echoes inherent of the real world. These sounds were then manipulated using modern technology, but based on techniques pioneered by the likes of the BBC4’s Radiophonics Orchestra. Way back in the 1950’s, these guys were producing crazy sounds using magnetic tape manipulation.” (Mike Jurado. 2012)

The Bipolar Express appears on the soundtrack for the up-and-coming feature length film, Doorways. Doorways is a story about a week in the life of two English Pub Doormen, one who is innocently on a path to find his masculinity, the other holds a dark secret and is on the edge of losing his mind. Set for release this year, Doorways features cameos by footballers; Neil “Razor” Ruddock (Liverpool/England) and Bournemouths Steve Fletcher, who recently starred as the champion in the short film “The Boxer”.

To watch the “Doorways” trailer click here.

To hear “The Bipolar Express” clicking here.

The Bipolar Express (2010)
Composed and Produced by Michael Jurado.
Contains samples from: “Feedback”
Performed by Michael Jurado and Jason Hazael.
Courtesy of Chale House Records.