Tom Clements

North Dorset’s Tom Clements has recently put together the finishing touches to his debut self titled album, which is a follow up to hiss debut release “Harsh, Words & Sharp Elbows” which was recorded as solo EP, this time Tom has bought in his full band to give the record much more depth than previously.

The album starts off with “Sum It Up” which immediately kicks off with an electric guitar intro and then a acoustic kicks in to make a nice combination and this sets the pace for the rest of the album, which has an easy listening radio friendly feel with a nudge in the direction of American country rock. “Creeping Up The Stairs” and “Dear Kirsty” though positive sounding the lyrics have a dark undertones of troubled times showing a few possible relationship scars, using cleverly put together lyrics like “Your favourite bunny boiler moves” and “Kirsty I compare you to processed meat, good on the out side and nothing good to me” to get the points across.

Tom Clements

Three of the tracks “Seven Years”, “Promises” and “I Don’t Know” were also on the debut EP, but don’t fear these have not been just recycled they have been completed reworked making them sound completely different. “Seven Years and “Promises” have a faster pace with a much more rockier feel and “I Don’t Know” has bought in the talents of Willowen’s violinist Jasmine Watkiss to put an injection of foot tapping upbeat folk into it. The stand out track for me is “New York City Dreams” which starts off slowly with a keyboard intro progressing to acoustic guitar, this song shows of the great tone of Tom’s neat uncomplicated voice coupled with some nice harmonising from Isobel Thatcher.

At just 9 tracks in length a few runs through the record will familiarise you with the lyrics and have you singing along more and more with each listen. As well as helping other people produce quality music in his studio Tom has now come up with a piece of work of his own that he can be more than proud of. Look out for live dates with his new band very soon.

Line Up
Tom Clements (Vocals/Guitar)
Isobel Thatcher (Vocals/Guitar
Owen Kent(Bass)
Wesley Bennett (Drums)
Jasmine Watkiss (Violin)

Sum It Up
Creeping Up The Stairs
Seven Years
Dear Kirsty
New York City Dreams
I Don’t Know

Tom and his band recently came into the Hope FM studio for a interview and live session performing some of the tracks from the album, below are exclusive videos from that session…


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Words, Pictures & Videos by Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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