Four-piece Raglans are a lively Indie band from Ireland. They’ve just begun their UK tour of and impressive twenty four dates, and released a single named “Natives”. But it’s the newest single “Digging Holes” that I’m interested in…

Digging Holes gets straight to the point with punchy, tribal-style drums and solid unison vocals. After this, a fantastic wall of sound hits your ear drums: every instrument hums with movement, the perfect accompaniment to the track’s engaging lyrics. The whole song is alive with a shouting and earnest energy, reminding me a little of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”. The chorus is catchy and energetic, and the production is top notch (even on my substandard laptop speakers).

The B-side “Sand in my Pockets” is a mere two minutes long, and as a consequence its beginning is abrupt; it almost feels like we’ve plunged part way into the song, somewhere between a verse and a chorus. This is an observation rather than a criticism, as the quality of the song is undeniable. The track is more upbeat than Digging Holes, and has a pleasant summery atmosphere that is set in motion by the quasi-hawaiian, Elvis-style guitar, light percussion, and cheerful backing harmonies. Definitely one to blast out in the garden with a pint of something sweet.


The Raglans boys inject a vivacious charm into their songs, adding folk and pop twists to their atmospheric indie base. Digging holes is outstandingly catchy – I can’t stop singing the refrain – and wouldn’t be out of place high-up in the charts.
My advice? Get on it, go check out Raglans now they are on tour through July and August in the UK and Ireland.

Pre-order “Digging Holes” here.

Raglans are…
Stephen Kelly
Rhos Horan
Conn O’Ruanaidh
Sean O’Brien

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Review by Jasmine Watkiss.

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