Winchester Pub, Bournemouth

“Zooni” Album Launch

Annie Winter

Three acts on the bill at the Winchester tonight Sofi Reed opening with Charlie Hole, both supporting Annie Winter’s debut album launch with her band.

Sofi Reed is on early and sadly due to my poor time keeping I miss her set, I arrive just as Charlie Hole starts; he does guitar songs only tonight, starting with “Stone On A Sandy Beach”. Other regular songs “She’s Gonna Live Forever”, “Never Too Old To Die Young” and “Silver Or Gold” are all trotted out with just an intro. Later on in his set there is more of the interaction Charlie is known for, a couple of stories about the songs, plugs for CDs and gigs. Most of his later banter is bigging up the reason most of us are all here tonight.

Charlie Hole

Annie Winter has grown from solo acoustic to full band in a short time; the musicians she’s found being sympathetic to her general laid back mood evident in the songs. From Annie herself we’re seeing the usual excitement, and little evidence of nerves, a raucous introduction from twin drum solos pacing the crowd anticipation.

Annie Winter

The Annie Winter Band have had “Zooni” in production for a while, sponsored via music pledges thanks to the kickstarter website, many here present are listed on the album credits as giving assistance, many also having received advance copies. Annie has prepared the whole album to be gigged in order, there’s a sympathetic crowd willing her along with good natured banter.

Annie Winter

We have an interesting set up on stage – James Ashdown on full percussion , Ben Clark on a full drumkit, Annie on her guitar, with Ed Hogston on electric lead guitar and Leighton Allen on bass. The percussive elements rule the roost, yet do not overpower; leading a couple of surprise ending interludes to songs, and building a large last song “Mr Pet”. There is no encore once the album has been gigged, “Stand By Me” is covered instead to fill the final few minutes of time, again an opportunity for the drummers to hotdog some moves.

What we hear live is close to the album, which always impresses, good to finally hear the songs given a fuller attention and be unleashed on the world. Zooni is available from Annie via facebook and at gigs, or via her website.

Annie Winter Set List
I Cannot Decide
The Green Sign
I Found Gold
Laxman Jhula
I Have Run Away
Waiting In Line
You’re Not On The Earth Today
Mr Pet
Stand By Me (Cover)

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Words and suspect blackberry phone pictures by Tim “Hope FM” Heywood.

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