The 90’s Seattle Grunge scene spawned a thousand bands at the time, all vying for a piece of Nirvana’s global success. Most of them weren’t that good and burnt out quickly and as with any new genre, created four or five bands that were the scene’s bedrock sound.

Nirvana (as stated), Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Mudhoney. These bands were also inspired by groups before them, Mother Love Bone (which had members of Pearl Jam), Green River and Sonic Youth. All in all an extremely good talent pool to draw influences from. Audiowhores have not only tapped into that pool but dived in and gone for a swim!

The Tonbridge, Kent based outfit have taken the Grunge out of Seattle and ferried it over to Blighty whilst adding their own original slant on the whole shebang. I have already cited the major influences on the band but a listen to the self-titled album provides a fresh coat of paint to the ageing Grunge genre. Hooks and melodies are abundant and flow seamlessly throughout the opus, rock riffs entwine with funky rhythms and outstanding vocals very reminiscent of (Seattle based vocalist) Shawn Smith.


The album starts strong with Incident and the funky-assed Decayed Words. D.I.M is catchy as fuck then the album drops down the gears with the hauntingly beautiful instrumental Reprise. Slice Of Life ups the tempo briefly and 42 Hand Man brings a mellow jazzy guitar feel with it. They try their hand at some progressive stuff on Half Hundred the longest track on the album but don’t quite pull it off in my opinion which makes it for me the albums weakest. The album finishes with the slow-burning we played on, leaving the listener wanting more of the same. With the Stoner scene growing in popularity at the moment I can see Audiowhore’s surfing the wave with relish and gaining fans along the way with their live and acoustic shows.

Line Up
Chris Hutchings – (Tom Foolery/Throat noises)

Lewis Catt – (Banging Stuff)

Peaches Wilson – (Axeman/Throat noises)

Luke Hawkins – (Booming Bassss)

Alan Mumford – (Axeman/Throat noises).

Decayed Words
Slice of Life
42 Hand Man
Half Hundred
We Played On


Words by Dan O’Gara.

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