This Devestated Fan

This Devastated Fan is an alternative rock band from the North of England, founded way back in the dark ages of 2005. The four piece boy band describe themselves as “musically fearless,” and having supported the likes of Toploader back in February, it’s clear that the quartet have used their daring attitude and eight years of existence productively. Their thirteen-track epic of an album “Plot and Debauchery” is a testimony to their years of experience.

“Shoulder The War” provides a stand-out punchy opening to the band’s album “Plot and Debauchery”, with its alluring introductory bass line, and thrilling chorus vocals provided by lead vocalist Robbie. The whole album really shows off Robbie’s stunning voice (which, I am pleased to report, is equally as flawless as heard on live Youtube videos). The second track, “Calvery Cemetery, NYC” veers between gentle, ballad like melodies, and the energetic vocal leaps of track number one, complimented by the precise bass drum of the kit. “Sounds Like Sirens” is a moodier song, with its minor key and electric guitar solo, whilst “Bambi Woods” weaves a sexy thread through the album’s mood. I liked that track number seven, “Hostage” cools down the edgy feel of “Plot and Debauchery” with some lower vocals and minimalistic rhythms. These few tracks calm the previously energetic tone. Short song “Princess Anchor” interested me most; with its discordant acoustic guitar, it injects some diversity into the album. The album ends by gradually resuming its energy with “Conversation Killer” and “Barricade”. Last but not least “Heathen Rage”, whose subtle opening guitar, lyrics and gentle harmonies really struck me.

This Devestated Fan

The verdict: This Devastated Fan have a dynamic rock sound that’s undoubtedly a product of their eight years as a band. The album exhibits tight drumming, moody guitar, well-matched bass and dramatic vocals that do this four-piece credit. Although the first few songs of “Plot and Debauchery” don’t display much variation, many bands are guilty of this, and the songs’ similarities don’t detract from the overall excellent sound quality and musicianship of the album. Definitely a band to watch out for.

Shoulder The War
Calvery Cemetery, NYC
Contingency Plan
Sounds Like Sirens
Bambi Woods
An Assembly Of Witches
Princess Anchor
Conversation Killer
Heathen Rage


Review by Jasmine Watkiss

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