Saint The Sinner

A couple of years ago, Saint The Sinner released an EP named “Da Vinci’s Demise” which saw the band instantly gain an armada of passionate supporters craving material from the South Coast outfit. Despite only playing a surprisingly small amount of live performances in their first year as a band, they still managed to support the likes of Funeral For a Friend, Glamour Of The Kill and Crossfaith to name a few.

This time round, a lot of time and effort has been spent in the process of releasing their debut album this year and hints that this outfit seem to accept nothing less than aiming for the peak of their potential.

This album instantly captivates the listener’s attention, as lead single ‘The Lament’ induces the eclectic blend of electronica and metalcore which so many bands right now deliver with unstoppable precision. It’s an ever increasingly popular sound, particularly in America; but this UK six piece are set to prove that they deserve to sit amongst the giants of metalcore. As the album develops, the atmospheric strings and electronic drum beats may become a tad cliche for their genre, but somehow manage to warrant their place for just about the right amount of time, before coinciding with a spine shattering sub drop to allow vocalist, Dimitri to orchestrate chaos.

Saint The Sinner

The step up from their debut release and former single “Dream, Cause, Effect” stems from the levels of variation, as the typical expectation for any band like this to bruise your ears for a few minutes before you become fatigued and change over just doesn’t happen. Emotional spells of post hardcore during ‘Atlas and Compass…Direction Pending’ demonstrate this observation of variation in their material, as the record blends into the following soaring anthem, “[x]Roads”. Just as you thought the ending couldn’t possibly conclude this record with enough style, haunting finale “The Comedown” delivers an emphatic farewell, meaning that I have to take a deep breath to take in what I have just experienced.

If Saint The Sinner are able to capture the epic proportions of this record in their live performances, they may well find themselves re-releasing this album on a label capable of turning this Seaside metalcore outfit into global hot property. Every band dreams of releasing an album which shakes the foundations of a genre with optimism in mind, but Saint The Sinner have managed it. Expect this band to tear down your local touring spot in 2014 at the very latest.

Track listing
Cirque de Pecheur (Introduction)
The Lament
Atlas & Compass, Direction Pending
The Projection Room Knows All My Secrets
Dead Man’s Poem (Interlude)
The Comedown


Words by George Fullerton.

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