Bleak Falls

Bursting out of Essex comes Bleak Falls with their latest EP “The Grass Gets No Greener” with a 5 track melodic hardcore onslaught due for release later this month.

The pained vocals scream out above the rock backdrop of crashing cymbals, and what almost feels like a disassociated rhythm. Something keeps drawing me back to Bleak Falls. Perhaps it is the old school Industrial/Goth in me that finds a strange comfort in “bleak” sounds or ideas?

These guys have a powerful understated sound, not Goth or Industrial, but one definitely rooted in alternative rock. From the opening “Forever/Always” you feel that Rudi has some underlying pain, the emotion and aggression realised in the vocals proves to be quite powerful. Quickly followed by “95” a more punchy track, but again showing of the bands ability to merge the aggressive sound with melodies that just draw you in. While “A Taste Of Change” ups the tempo and lowers the aggression, giving a moment of clarity and one of self-realisation.

Bleak Falls

“Deadlock” tells the narrative of someone who has studied their art, whatever that may be, although Love is the obvious choice as he’s looking to mend his heart. The pain of letting go! Closing with an assault on the senses you have “Put Me To Sleep” which takes their aggression and bundles it all up, but craftily underpins with what seems like intricate guitar work. Then it is gone it feels, almost as soon has it arrived. Fusing the aggressive hardcore found with underlying melodies; and then the agonising vocals, especially the poignant “Put Me To Sleep” summing this all up.

This is a tremendous follow-up to their Another Rainy Day.

…one final note, I love the black vinyl style CD, I always like the little things like this.

Track Listing
Forever / Always
A Taste Of Change
Put Me To Sleep


Words by Jon.

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