Midday Committee

Following a considerable advance in quality between their first two releases, Midday Committee have once again leapfrogged expectations to produce “Girls In Open C”, which may be the best pop punk release of the year.

Thwarting the formulaic nature of their genre, this release offers a truly genuine outcome, with each track riding a new tangent throughout the record. Their soaring hooks during the likes of “Hometowns” and distinctive instrumental qualities coincide gloriously with Rich and Keiran’s well suited British (THEY DON’T SING IN AMERICAN ACCENTS!) vocal attack.

As well as being infectious as mad-cow disease, their songs boast maturity and raw quality this time round, meaning that the moments of glossy production never threaten to strip this outfit of their personality. Even the teenage heart throb, “poppy as fuck” mega cheese ballad “Just Me and You” (featuring sensational talent, Christina Rotondo) finds it’s place, with a climax that would put PornHub to shame. The only flaw with this record has to be that once Rich and Christina have finished pounding your ears with emotion, you find yourself wondering where the time went. The seven track EP goes in a flash, so once this band is ready to unleash a full length, there will be plenty of fans desperate for a taste.

Midday Committee

Proud to be British, powerful and undeniably catchy, Midday Committee deserve to be standing at the forefront of pop punk. It’s time to eradicate the tendency for British bands to imitate American pop punk and bask in the glory of their own heritage. Midday Committee are fresher than Colgate (damn that’s fresh).

Track listing
I Swear To God I’m Going To Pistol Whip The Next Guy Who Says Shenanigans
Maybe I Should
Game’s Been Called
Just Me And You (Feat. Christina Rotondo)


Words by George Fullerton

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