Mr Kyps, Poole

Hospice Rocks

Featuring: Walk The Night, Saints Of Sin, Empire Affair, and Sansara

On a fairly mild night in March we are gathered here at Mr. Kyps for a night of mainly Rock and some classic Indie-all in the name of charity. The beneficiaries of tonight’s gig are the Lewis Manning Trust and the Forest Holme Hospice.


Sansara 1

Opening proceedings are heavyweight local Rockers Sansara. Following a storming set a few months back at Bandalism these guys open with a powerhouse set of originals. The bludgeoning guitar, heavy bass and drums drown out what is not the most audible of vocals from Tom, but the soundman soon rectifies this. Their enthusiastic posse of fans appear to have deserted them tonight but they give a good account of themselves nevertheless. They end their set with ‘Come To Life’, which this half full room start to do as the next band take to the stage.

Empire Affair
Empire Affair 12

Empire Affair need no introduction around these parts. The band take to the stage and start to play before vocalist Neil appears a few seconds later. Once again what we get is the usual Empire Affair energetic onslaught. Gone is the matching attire tonight-stripped back to the basics, but no let-up with the output. “Tonight” is an early highlight-Neil encouraging our participation-we duly oblige! The standout song however is simply titled “Geoff”. After explaining the song title selection process they deliver a simply excellent song which is part harmony, part Indie Powerpop. Its’ the first airing of said song and really hits the spot. Having induced some movement in this crowd they leave to great applause.

Saints Of Sin
Saints Of Sin 12

What comes next is nothing short of Poodle Rock Extravagance! Saints of Sin take to the stage and make some entrance. The stocks of hairspray must be low in Parkstone tonight! It’s Dorset’s answer to Steel Panther-well that’s the comparisons out of the way!! Five young guys with an abundance of musical talent and choreography to match. I wont lie, “One More Minute” reminded me of Chesney Hawkes. But once they got past this they had the crowd eating out of their palms. Rui (vox) is a young man with huge confidence and the bluster to match. He’s grinning like the cat that got the cream! They do a number called “Animal” – about “posh birds who deep down are really just dirty” (their words)!! Where would we be on a night like this without a classic cover. No good going in half-hearted! GnR’s “Sweet Child o’ Mine” gets the whole room jumping (myself excluded)! “Burn The Clubs Down” has a great sentiment before they get the place singing with another classic cover. Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” induces stage participation on a new level for Kyps, with all other band members joining in! One finds it hard to criticise a band with such obvious talent and a penchant for entertainment. I can’t even take issue with their attire-it suits them, although it’s nice to see Woody from Bay City Rollers can still get work! I salute Saints of Sin. They ain’t my bag but for entertainment you’d have to go some to better them.

Walk The Night
Walk The Night 12

And so to the headliners. With a new moniker and a clutch of new songs we welcome onto the stage Walk The Night. To this reviewer it would appear all traces of Bad Magic have been confined to Room 101. Tonight they are louder, heavier and more classic Rock. Just four guys dressed in dark clothing-less pomp, more style. Chris (vox/guitar) maintains the strength in his voice, particularly on a song I believe to be called “Getaway”. His searing vocal just about rises above the heavy sound being created around him. There’s no gimmicks to Walk The Night-they are a band just reliant on good songs. Their penultimate song ‘Walk The Other Way’ begins as a ballad before hurtling into a Rock monster at the end. With a location change imminent surely it must be only a matter of time before these guys get signed. I for one would drink to that. So, to sum up; a great night’s entertainment raising funds for two local charities. A big thumbs up to Mr. Kyps and the bands who played for free.


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Words By Ross A Ferrone
Videos & Pictures By Dave Chinery.

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