Hope FM Studio, Bournemouth

Sunstone Collective

This weeks guests were the much anticipated Sunstone Collective who have been making waves around lots of local venues with their delightful brand of beach funk. The band formed after being asked to put something together to perform at the Sixty Million Postcards event “Collaboration Station”. The band went on from this to get a residency at the Winchester Pub in Bournemouth where they got together with a lot of different artists to create a really unique monthly event. At the heart of the band is a refreshing desire to work within the community and get everybody surrounding them to help to their part.

Sunstone Collective

The band’s music is very difficult to pigeon hole you would really have to see them perform to get any idea where they are coming from. They create a really laid back feel despite putting loads of energy in their performances. On this week’s Live Wire Live show they performed 5 songs all in a striped down style combining electric and acoustic guitars beautifully with the uniquely elegant vocals of Sam Wyatt. These guys are nothing short of superb and given only the short time they have been together the future looks very bright already for them. I would fully expect to see them playing major festivals next summer. The 5 exclusive videos from their performance can be seen below:

Sunstone Collective are
Sam Wyatt – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Ben Jones – Bass & Vocals
Duncan Petrus – Guitar & Vocals
James “Djembe” Goff – Percussion



Words Pictures & Videos By David “getting beach funky” Chinery (Chinners)

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