Beneath Watchful Eyes

Now there is an album title and band name, that are almost long enough that your heart might explode if you held your breath while slowly saying their names.

Described as cinematic Post/Rock. I was curious as to what I was about to hear…

The opening “Blood and Sand” sets the scene with it’s careful keyboards; a collection of sounds and samples that create a gentle crescendo, and the guitar gently pulling at your darker emotions. There is a sense of the cinematic, and I am a little loathe to draw the comparison but I feel a healthy dose of Trent Reznor in a cinematic style.

Beneath Watchful Eyes

The albums takes you from this dark electronica soundscape on a journey blending laid-back piano sections, to ones of distorted guitar. All with layers of atmosphere from dark and brooding, to that of a faster tempo layered with distortion. There is a range of influences here, from what fees like Richard James at the noisiest electronic moments through to the previous comparison to Mr. Reznor, while “Letters From Zedelghem” left me in mind of Goblin.

Closing the album with “The Wolves Are Running” a drum machine gently keeps time to the piano closing the proceedings. Mixing in guitar work giving some depth, but teasing you with a chance of an audible explosion the track grows in power and then gently brings you back down.

I have played the album a few times now before writing this review, and it is a great soundscape, and for this listener a dark soundscape. You can’t help but feel that there is something hiding behind the veil. This Blackpool duo have managed to create a brilliant escape with something to provoke emotions, something that is resonant and dramatic. The ability to take you on a journey, and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Line Up
Simon Morgan
Barry Parkinson

Track Listing
Blood and Sand
Box Cutter
All They Did Was Stand and Stare
Left Fractures
At The End Of The Pier
Letters From Zedelghem
Waiting For Them To Leave
The Wolves Are Running


Words and Journey by Jon, directions by some Watchful Eyes.

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