As metalcore witnesses an army of one dimensional carbon copies rising up like the undead every single day, it’s almost a “spit your coffee out” moment when a metal release raises hairs on the back of your neck quite like this one. Sincerity have mastered their live performances in recent years through unrelenting presence and delivery, but their release history is surprisingly relatively thin.

However, “The Authority” grabs you by the scruff of your neck from the off, with the unforgiving brutality of “Tyrants” inadvertently stimulating clenched fists. Let’s get things straight, their formula is nothing new, but their ability to blend elements of hardcore, metal and post-hardcore with such fluency deserves high fives all round. The emphatic Elliot Dixon pours every ounce of grit into his vocals, mirroring his live delivery to coincide with thoroughly hearty riffs and a pulsating rhythm section throughout the record.


Dipping into brief moments of sweet melody in “Ambiguity” and the phenomenal “Promise Me”, the crushing outfit’s tendency to vary their sound offers moments to savour, allowing the EP to soar as a captivating and highly accomplished release rather than a monotonous attempt to numb the listener’s ears and disregard melody. Sincerity have struck gold as “The Authority” claims its place as my favourite metalcore release of 2014. Powerful and bewilderingly versatile, Sincerity are sure to be set for bigger things once a full length album comes around.


Mountains “Single” FREE Download.

Monuments “Debut EP” FREE Download.

Track Listing
1. Undefeated
2. Tyrants
3. Mountains
4. Ambiguity
5. Promise Me
6. The Authority


Words by George Fullerton.

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