Mr.Kyps, Poole

Bamboo Vipers

On a busy evening in the locality Mr.Kyps is playing host to a couple of local acts. Glam/Country/Punkers Bamboo Vipers are headlining tonight, while opening are a new act The Slow Lies. This band comprise two thirds of local “Rockers” Deltorers and quite a racket they make (in the nicest possible way)! They open with Nathan (vox); seated, playing an acoustic guitar. I’m reminded of Kurt Cobain unplugged! The song is called “Dancing With The Devil” and doesn’t disappoint. Nathan then gets on the drumstool, accompanied by Brenden (bass). What they then deliver is a ferocious mix of hard hitting and big basslines. ‘Test Dummies’ is an early highlight with Nathan’s haunting vocal delivery. He finds many levels to his vocals this evening while Brenden to his right ‘shoegazes’ almost the entire set. It would be too easy to use the White Stripes tag, despite hearing it mentioned by two people in my earshot-this is quite different. They save the best til’ last with “Hurricane Twist”. Gone is Nathan’s Matt Bellamy influence, replaced by a heavy dose of Kobain. They are well received and I look forward to the next instalment!

The Slow Lies
The Slow Lies 1

Banboo Vipers take to the stage some time after. Competing with the “Wheels Festival” and “Rugby 7’s” this was never going to reach sell-out proportions, but those who have bothered are treated to a fine show. They open with “Collective Amnesia” and gently feel their way in. “Crystal Methodist” is simply wonderful as Sean (vox) starts to leap around! On “Tarzan Cards” one can’t help but spot a riff from Adam and The Ants “Kings of the Wild Frontier”, which this reviewer wholeheartedly endorses! Soon to be live favourite “The Lord’s My Shepherd’s Pie” enjoys a good singalong and “Swivel-Eyed Loons” takes equal billing. “Roger The Cabin Boy” has everyone smiling on what is yet another storming gig. This quintet fill the ample stage and despite a turnout of less than 100 don’t short change us. With a 12 song LP called “Dangling The Bait” in the pipeline this has been a good workout and I expect these guys to be filling venues in the area in the coming 12 months. Well it wouldn’t be a show without a Cropdusters number coming out of “retirement” as they end on “Just Poppin’ Out To Fight A War”. A few souls brave the beer-drenched dancefloor for the last time and we all go home happy.

Bamboo Vipers
Bamboo Vipers 12

Set Lists
Bamboo Vipers
Collective Amnesia
Banged Up Abroad
Royal British Legion
Crystal Methodist
Biting Army
Tarzan Cards
Wild Flowers
The Lord’s My Shepherd’s Pie
Chemical Castration
Swivel-Eyed Loons
Roger The Cabin Boy
Wonderful Copenhagen
Alien Friends Reunited
The Bee Song
Silver Boots

Just Poppin’ Out To Fight A War (Cropdusters)

The Slow Lies
Dancing With The Devil
Test Dummies
Come Get Some
Be Kind
Remembering You
Cracks In The Sky
Familiar Heartache
Hurricane Twist


Review and Pictures by Ross A. Ferrone

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