The Ghost Wolves

Opening with “Shotgun Pistol Grip” you know what is in store. There is plenty of lo-fi Punk Rock, plenty of fuzzed up guitar, off kilter vocals and lyrics with an underlying attitude that bites. But what sets this all apart is that feel of Blues in the background, even as the drums punch out the rhythm, that guitar just has a certain something. While “Baby Fang Thang” has more of a kind of bubblegum vocal feel, even on top of Carley’s gritty electric guitar work. This might not appeal to all, and I was left with mixed feelings on this track – yet I kept going back to it, even though I was not sure about it. In fact this applies to the entire album; it is addictive, from the slowed down tempo on “Ride The Wolf” to the scattergun approach of “Attack Attack Attack”.

“I was Wrong” ups the tempo with its disillusioned lyrics, and then ‘Itch’ ups the energy and tempo with it’s simple vocals, but hard-hitting sound. All the while that raw edge, and Blues feel is hitting you.

Even with those comparisons the riffs are infectious and layer down heavy, not to mention they are in a dirty groove of their own; especially on “I’m Yo Mudda”. Yet this, offset with the quirkier, faster-paced “Attack Attack Attack”.

The Ghost Wolves

The whole album is raw, from start to end you can feel it playing with that exposed nerve. You almost feel they have peeled backed their instruments then rebuilt them. With a sound somewhere between The White Stripes and Black Keys – mixing Punk Rock, Blues and just some brilliant lo-fi attitude. I even thought a little ZZ Top, but then my sanity is not what it was. Which they describe as “Stomp and Roll” – and all achieved with a four-piece drum kit, and an electric guitar.

‘Man, Woman, Beast’ is out on July 14th on Plowboy Records .

Line Up
Carley Wolf
Jonathan Wolf

Track Listing
Shotgun Pistol Grip
Gonna Live
Baby Fang Thang
Grave Dollas
Ride The Wolf
I Was Wrong
I’m Yo Mudda
Attack Attack Attack
Dangerous Moves
Lies I Told
White Lily


Words by Jon.

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