From Her Eyes

Coming out of Wales is From Her Eyes, a metal core outfit. However, I knew nothing of these guys when I hit play – sometimes going in blind is the best way! The gentle intro track “Decay” delicately sets the tone, as the guitar picks out, and the cymbals gently ring out.

As gently as it arrived, that calm is soon shattered as “Comatose” explodes violently into your ears. Has the barrage of guitar riffs is matched to the drums, all the while the gutteral vocals scream out. While stating, or perhaps even demanding that “We are the architects of our own feelings”. If you manage to recover from being blindsided by this onslaught.

“Porcelain” opens, again, gently, but you just know what is coming, just not how. The vocals explode first with their venomous attitude. This track is a solid wall that hits you once the brief intro attempts its misdirection. The harmonies that play off the lead vocals in the chorus add further depth to this track. “Elysium” takes on the softer stance, the vocals are still gutteral, but refrained, and overall this gives the track an almost haunting quality – especially as it has not punched you in the face like the preceding tracks. The title track closes the album, and shows a return to the venomous vocal delivery, while the drum barrage punches at you.

From Her Eyes

Coming from a town that delivered Funeral For A Friend and Bullet For My Valentine, can put pressure on you. That does not seem to be the case for these childhood friends. While metalcore might not be everyones cup of tea, these young guys have a maturity to their sound, as well as crafting tracks that possess a strong coherency to each other, as well as being a force within themselves. Allowing the EP to stand strong as a body of work – and this betrays not only their age, but the fact it is their debut EP.

Line Up
Tom Owen – Vocals
James Kearle – Guitar
Joseph Shutt – Guitar
Jesse Simmonds – Bass
Gary Holley – Drums

Track Listing


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