Duo Tombgrinder from London formed last year (2013) out of “boredom & nothing better to do” and listening to this three song EP they certainly put their time to good use. All three songs are instrumental but give the listener a severe arse kicking on a monumental scale. There is only a guitar and drums on the whole thing with no overdubs.

Opener Beardhammer kicks in with a slow doomy riff that pounds away relentlessly conjuring up (in my twisted mind) images of funeral processions and black masses. Under The Black Sun, the EP’s title track, is a bit paceier and is also the longest track clocking in at 12.23 minutes and is the showpiece song, as it gives the guys’ free reign to experiment with the riffs and produce an epic slice of stoner doom rock genius. The Black Sabbath influence isn’t far away in all this and Tombgrinder tip their hats to Birminghamís greatest export with the closer Bills Wards Burning Beard. Which could be a nod to the infamous story of when Sabbath went to dinner with an American accountant in the States, it was all very cordial and whilst chatting at the table Bill Ward asked a particularly nonsensical question. Ozzy summoned the waiter and asked for a lighter, then lent over and set fire to Bill’s beard. As the flames leapt up Bill managed to stifle the fire and immediately quipped “Not a bad smoke at all, that” the accountant was shocked but the band and everyone else carried on as if nothing had happened. Anyway the riff is nigh on Sabbaths Embryo but is delivered as an obvious homage to the founding fathers of doom that you just get stuck in and enjoy regardless.


The EP has an overall feel of a DIY jam session but is surprisingly easy to listen to and has found a permanent place in my playlists.

Words: Dan O’Gara

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