The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

From The Jam

As Summer makes it’s final bow it’s a busy evening musically for the South Coast. With Manchester’s finest Buzzcocks down the road at Mr. Kyps and Punk/Poet John Cooper Clarke at the Pyramids we are spoilt for choice. I however opt to stay local for From The Jam and the “Setting Sons” Tour. Early on the room is sparse as Daniel Ash from Southampton’s “The Lost Boys” takes to the stage. He apologises almost immediately, his band members to quote Adam Ant have “cartrouble”! He also gets his disclaimer in early and explains there might be a few mistakes as he’s onstage alone. He needn’t have worried – I don’t spot any and neither do this crowd. He opens with the delightful “No Kisses” and straight away loses any nerves. He smiles constantly while engaging us between songs. “Cant Do That” gets a decent response while thankfully “Crazy For You” is not a Madonna cover! “My Toothbrush, Your Mug” is an interesting little ditty, based one imagines around the joys of co-habiting. Daniel is really hitting his stride now. He is even confident enough to tackle a couple of Beatles covers-his voice indeed echoes the early Beatles sound. “She Loves You” morphs into “Saw You Standing There” and one can’t help but singalong. This “Lost Boy” is certainly not lost on this stage and rightly receives great applause.

Daniel Ash
Daniel Ash 1

And so to the headliners. Whichever camp you’re in, Weller or Foxton; it’s always a joy to hear the songs of The Jam played live. Arguably their best album is the main focus of tonight’s show. The sound of a telephone ringing can mean only one thing-Bruce, Russell and Smiley make their way to the stage as they launch into “Girl On The Phone”. This now packed venue start to sing along. My personal favourite “Thick As Thieves” sounds as good as ever although “Private Hell” encounters one or two glitches! Russell (vox/guitar) really hits his stride when singing “Little Boy Soldiers” as one or two in this audience start to move. Bruce (bass/vox) is note perfect on the ever popular “Smithers Jones” but it’s “Eton Rifles” that really gets this crowd moving. Smiley (drums) is powerful throughout as they close the album with “Heatwave”. What comes next is what one could describe as a “dream Jam setlist”. “Going Underground” has lost none of its power while “When You’re Young” ups the ante. ‘Strange Town’ keeps us moving while the not often played cover “Slow Down” gets a rare live outing. The band then play a relatively new song, the rather splendid “Window Shopping” before old fave “David Watts”. A real set highlight for this reviewer is the echoey “Butterfly Collector”. Just as we catch our breath they hit us with 3 biggies! “Start” gets everyone singing along once more before the energetic “Beat Surrender”. They close with crowd favourite “That’s Entertainment” while leaving us begging for more.

From The Jam
From The Jam 12

The now trademark chant of “We Are The Mods” greets FTJ back on stage. “To Be Someone” just warms up this now frantic crowd to wildly dance to “Down In The Tube Station At Midnight”. We jump around like loons as they end on a real high with the ever popular Jam favourite “Town Called Malice”. I cannot over emphasize what a great show tonight has been. The band are on fire and the audience respond accordingly. When FTJ are in this kinda mood there’s no-one better. They announce they will be back next year and take a bow. We the audience also know we will be back for more!

Girl on the Phone
Thick As Thieves
Private Hell
Little Boy Soldiers
Burning Sky
Saturday’s Kids
The Eton Rifles

Going Underground
When You’re Young
Strange Town
Slow Down
Window Shopping
David Watts
The Butterfly Collector
Beat Surrender
That’s Entertainment

To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have a Nice Time)
Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
Town Called Malice



Words By Ross A Ferrone.
Pictures & Videos By Chinners.

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