Unforeseen Prophecy

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in 2010 there was formed a metalcore band “Unforeseen Prophecy” in Kent, just on the outskirts of majestic London.

And in a very near future (5th January, to be precise) they will present us their EP “Burn the skies”.

The EP is built in a contrast of vocals, melodic and rough riffs. The two collide perfectly together, especially angelic voice of Charis Pattison (Harmony Vocals) and Paul Gills (Backing Vocals). Also, both Cahris and Paul play instruments in the band, Charis – rhythm guitar, Paul – base. Imagine, how hard could it be, not only sing in tune with each other’s contradictory voices, but also play instruments and follow the melody. But the guys manage pretty well and their music is the proof.

The EP has 3 tracks, first of which has given the Ep it’s name. As the guys said themselves in one of their interviews “Burn the skies” is the track that is “based around that feeling of doubt we all have at some point in our life’s. The lyrics are supposed to personify that feeling into a stalker type character, as if it’s doubt following you around. The chorus goes “I see you in the shadows, I watch you burn the skies, you’ll never stand beside me, watching me die” This basically is our way of telling doubt, we know it’s there, we watch it lurk and consume the sky around us but it’ll never consume us”.

The following track is “The Placebo effect”. Here double guitar attack rains on the listener and powerful vocals paralyze. It’s quite an intense, anguish fueled tune, where the performer is trying to find reasoning to what is happening around them.

Unforeseen Prophecy

Last but not least and favorite of them all (this track has been chosen by many listeners and reviewers to be one of the best), “Oblivion”. The riffs are spot on, the vocals are moving and the whole song is soaked in eternal sadness. No wonder, as “Oblivion” is about the end of the world. It could make a perfect soundtrack to some apocalyptic blockbuster. But in way, for me “Oblivion” is a promise. A promise that “UP” will come back with even better, greater music and it will be a full length album that time. In fact, guys are working on a full length album to be released at some point in future.

Guys draw their inspiration from “Devildriver”, “Arch Enemy”, “Hatebreed”, “All That Remains” and “Lacuna Coil”. They do admit that their style is a mixture of influences, but they have labelled themselves as “metalcore” just for the sake of it.

Although formed only 4 years ago, “Unforeseen Prophecy” already have performed at “Bloodstock” this year after winning “Metal to the Masses” competition for the Kent region. Not every band has that on their CV so early in their career. I definitely recommend to check them out.

Band members
Paul Wells – Lead Vocals
Aaron Jones – Lead Guitar
Charis Pattison – Rhythm Guitar/Harmony Vocals
Paul Gills – Bass/Backing Vocals
Russ Edwards – Drums

Track Listing
Burn The Skies
The Placebo Effect


Words by Veronica Kavaliova.

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