Pop Will Eat Itself

Coming very soon PWEI will be hitting the road for their 2015 tour; and in the next week or so they will be releasing their new album “Anti Nasty League”, as well as a date on the South Coast.

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POP WILL EAT ITSELF: Anti Nasty League (7th studio album); four years since their last Pop Will Eat Itself are back with their 7th studio album “Anti Nasty League”, their second with the new line up and it’s a hard hitting, confrontational affair that rails against greed, racism and the fall of democracy. More personal moments feature too, but the level of intensity is maintained throughout. The Designers Republic artwork reflects the iconic, now-defunct Anti Nazi League logo.

Pop Will Eat Itself

“21st Century English Civil War” opens up the latest offering, a little less aggressively than expected but packing a punch somewhere between “Dos Dedos Mis Amigos” and “New Noise”. It packs a certain amount of vitriol, setting up for “They Can’t Take (What You Won’t Let ‘Em Have)”; which hits you with a lyrical onslaught and ups the tempo and distorted guitars for the chorus, not to mention a catchy bass that plucks away at you. This will no doubt be a live favourite.

Over the last few years PWEI have re-invented themselves, shifting their sound from an electro/sample based sound to one of a predominantly more guitar-driven sound. Dropping the samples (changes in copyright law?); but keeping some of the electronics as a mainstay to creating their sound, along with a more political/social commentary with the lyrical content. Taking a change in direction with “Dos Dedos Mis Amigos”, and then a more Industrial/Metal vibe with “New Noise” – yet all the time keeping that spark of PWEI from years gone by.

“Anti Nasty League” grows on New Noise; turning down some of the noise and energy, but still keeping that PWEI essence. Maybe it’s the vocal delivery? Maybe it’s the attitude? Maybe it’s just the Poppies?

“Mental Pollution” has more of a dance vibe; riddled with the distorted guitar and electro trickery, while “Digital Meltdown” captures that PWEI vibe I eluded to: “This is the soundtrack to the rebel comeback”.

The tempo slows down further with “Set Sail For Death”, taking on a more melancholy stance with some clever word play; not to mention some touching life lessons. A rhythm-led track supporting the vocals and while the main vocal is constant in their delivery, the track flows especially as the chorus washes over you.

Pop Will Eat Itself

Okay, lets whip out the Conspiracy theories and discuss why the Middle East is such a hot potato! Especially for the West…Well to be fair, I do not want to get into a political debate here; but “Middle East Street Party” is a punchy track that tries to tackle this subject. Certainly for a lot of folks the following line rings true: “The Puppet Master’s taking over, filling the Dead Sea with Coca-Cola”. Opening with “We are your salvation come to bleed you dry” this is an open shot at Western culture forced on to others. (respect for the use of the word ‘Gumption’!) (Old Skool!)

With an uptempo dance rhythm “King Kisser” has slower vocals, that almost wash over you; even when you think the track is about to explode it is all kept carefully under control. This all changes with “Watch the Bitch Blow” which opens with guitars hitting you square on. While the vocals hit you with a controlled aggression, the track unleashes the energy stored up from the last track. This is what happens when you light the blue touch paper!

…and then in curveball style is “Director’s Cut” closing the album. A more laidback track…well for the first minute or two…it shows a return of some of the attitude that these guys can so easily dish out as the explosive sound punctuates those laidback breaks. Turning everything on its head the track finishes with “Cut” as if this is all a movie. As if you are in control.

Pop Will Eat Itself

Throughout this album is the underlying message to ignore what others think and to do what you think is right, and rise up against what is happening around you. (“Do you ignore genocide like a terrorist alibi?”). The commentary has moved over the years from one of cultural, (Def Con One being the obvious); to more of a social commentary (“Ich Bin Ein Auslander”). To stand up for your beliefs and fellow man. Of course this is all set against a noise-driven backdrop; sometimes harsh, sometimes laid back. And whilst easy to compare to their previous work they are still moving forward and evolving; and while the album at times lacks some of the punch from “New Noise”, it packs in more to give the listener something to think about. It is easy to see they are settling into the more Industrial Rock vibe, as opposed to their Alt/Rock origins.

“Anti-nasty League” went on presale April 10th; and with the PWEI disdain for the current music business model, is represented in the track “Digital Meltdown” – already played on Soccer AM, the album will be a physical release only. http://shop.popwilleatitself.net. It will not be available on iTunes, Spotify or any digital platforms; though an immediate digital version is downloadable with each physical purchase. The album is an album and there are no singles in the usual fashion.

In their own way this is “The Incredible Pwei Vs. The Moral Majority”.

At the same time as the new album comes out an EP by Mr. Crabb called “Je Suis Crabb”.

UK Tour Dates
22 May 2015 The Soundhouse, Leicester
23 May 2015 Gigantic All Dayer Vol. 2, Manchester Academy
24 May 2015 Riverside, Newcastle
25 May 2015 The Venue, Derby
26 May 2015 Thekla, Bristol
27 May 2015 The Brook, Southampton
28 May 2015 Cargo, London
29 May 2015 Owl Sanctuary, Norwich
30 May 2015 Assembly, Leamington Spa
25/26 Sep 2015 Cold waves festival, Chicago, USA
3 October 2015 Indie Daze, The Forum, London

Line Up
Graham Crabb
Mary Byker
Tim Muddiman
Davey Bennett
Jason Bowld

Track Listing
21st Century English Civil War
They Can’t Take (What You Won’t Let ‘Em Have)
Mental Pollution
Digital Meltdown
(War Inside) My Stupid Head
Set Sail for Death
Middle East Street Party
Sacrifice and Pain
Angry Man’s Deathbed
King Kisser
Watch the Bitch Blow (album version)
Director’s Cut


Words and Photos by Jon.

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