All To Ruin

All To Ruin are set to release their latest EP next week (27th April), and it pulls no punches. From the soaring melodic Metal and mighty guitar riffs, it is bursting with energy. With a string of accolades to their name, it is easy to see [hear] why these guys are kicking up a storm.

Opening the EP is “Take The Reins” and there is no slow opening. They just hit you with the riffs and drums. As the title suggests they have taken the reins and are in full control. The drum work is unrelenting, and keeps the tempo up as the guitar just works away at you. While “Among Us” again blends superb guitar work it then takes a heavier turn about a minute in. And while this change makes your ears prick up, they flow across these styles and melodies with ease.

Things take a turn for something a little harder with ‘The Disconnect’ – the machine gun drums and the initially harsh vocals. Throughout there are some great riffs that don’t necessarily take the edge off of the opening, but give that edge a slightly different feel. Then it hits a gentler spot, but even then the energy is relentless and soon the driving guitar riffs kick back in pushing that tempo up.

The energy is cranked up for “History”, the guitars are a little more prominent while the drum work is again hard at it. There is an interesting break almost halfway through, showing these guys are not afraid to experiment. Closing with “Beneath The Steel Sky” the energy is maintained, leading to thoughts of a dangerous live show. Again, the drum work is unrelenting as the hooks and melodies eat away at you.

This is one energetic, nee epic EP, and another that should see these guys in good stead for the future. Blending in a hard Rock vibe, with some intense guitar work and thunderous riffs (I am desperately avoiding any noodling references!), and vocals throughout. Not to mention the EP was so easy to get into, it slips into the subconscious. Usually we cry out and say “where is the album?”, and “stop tempting us” – however, I think I would be knackered with any more tracks!

If these guys don’t make a big splash we will be surprised!

Line Up
Aaron Roberts
Dan George
Rhodri Williams
Tom Richardson

Track Listing
Take The Reins
Among Us
The Disconnect
Beneath The Steel Sky


Words by Jon.

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