Nottingham Contemporary

Nordic Giants

In the mind of a music fan, it’s only possible to become jaded when the breadth of interests within your taste starts to become too familiar. Fortunately, as a music lover in Nottingham, it is essential to be open to a plethora of genres. In this case, the cinematic dynamics of Nordic Giants are welcomed to the quaint setting of “The Space” in Nottingham Contemporary; a whole new experience as a lover of this City’s rich musical capacity.

Opening affairs in the gradually filling space is a brand new outfit, a music phoenix if you will, in the form of former members of Saturday Sun. In their new form as Athousandfurs, the band has decided to expand upon their subtle folk measures and atmospheric choruses through a post rock infused injection of euphoric proportions. The undeniable beauty of front man Alex Hedley’s angelic vocals floods the room, as his rustic yet powerful tones soar in amongst the deep percussive rhythm of Allan Varnfield and the delay soaked guitars of Billy Merrick. Although they are only a three piece, their sound is powerful, perfectly balanced and reaches moments of sonic bliss on many occasions. This may only be the beginning for them, but what’s already in place offers enough to leave the audience trembling. Watch this space.

It’s all too easy to throw around the term “epic” when you witness a band of epic proportions, but to say the same about Nordic Giants would be an understatement. Through the dark intensity of their visual concepts and the perfection in their instrumental precision, the band provide less of a concert and more of an experiential for their awe struck crowd. Ranging from insights to the future to a twisted tale of a world stripped of oxygen, resulting in a family holiday going a bit topsy turvey, the band bask in a blend of haunting chord progressions and thunderous percussion to bring to life the insightful narrative behind each short film they soundtrack so faultlessly.

Whilst most bands use visual prompts and lighting rigs as a necessity on the bigger stages, Nordic Giants have ensured that the relationship between their performance and the visual stimulus is totally seamless. There isn’t a second where the bond between visual and audio isn’t totally captivating, making this cinematic duo one of the finest pairings in the abstract realms of music. Regardless of whether they ever reach the heights they deserve, this band excel beyond the limits of their reputation into a world of stunning interplay between clever visuals and purposeful instrumental bliss. Without a doubt, Nordic Giants have been my highlight of the year so far; truly incredible.

Set List – Nordic Giants
Elysian Skies
Evolve or Perish
Through a Lens Darkly
Futures Dark
Dark Clouds Mean War


Words by George Fullerton

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